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    1. [ROSE-DNA] ROSE DNA Project has new admin
    2. Diana Gale Matthiesen
    3. Those of you who are members of the FamilyTreeDNA ROSE Y-DNA surname project have already heard this announcement, but in case any of you have not, the project has a new administrator. Nora Probasco was forced to resign due to health concerns, so she invited me to adopt the project, and I accepted. One of her ROSE kin was the first member of the ROSE project to join back in 2002, so she has served the project in one role or another for almost 15 years. I'm sure you'll want to join me in thanking her for her dedication: Thank you, Nora! The most obvious change to the project is that I converted the project web pages to the new format: And I'm sure you'll notice, first, the beautiful banner photo donated by Charles H. ROSE III. Another project member, Roger ROSENTRETER, has donated three additional images, and I'll be rotating them every month or so, so you can see them all. If you have a rose image you'd like to see in the banner, you can email me one - at least 1366 x 250 pixels, in those proportions (I can crop a larger image, but enlarging a smaller one blows the quality). The new format allows for an Activity Feed where project members can message when they're logged in: As you can see, the project has a Co-Admin, Timothy Lee ROSE, who is taking on the job of reviewing Join Requests - to be certain new members are males surnamed ROSE and to obtain earliest ancestor information and patrilineal line genealogies. For all the years the ROSE project has been open, no such screening took place, and people were allowed to join at will. This had led to a bulging, unwieldy project with many members whose inclusion was not really relevant to them or the project. You will also notice the number of members in the project, once over 1000, has dropped to 825. This is due mainly to my having removed all the female test subjects in the project. This caused a bit of kerfuffle, but the fact is, females have no Y-chromosome, so there is no point in belonging to an all-male Y-DNA project. The way a female participates in a Y-DNA project is to be the Contact for a male relative. Yes, I know this seems a tad sexist, but sometimes biology does rule. I'm now in the process of removing males who are not ROSE on their patrilineal line, so the membership number will continue to decline for awhile. And you will notice there's something wrong with the "colorized" version of the results page: It got munged somewhere along the line, and I'm unable to edit it from the GAP (Group Administrator's Page). I contacted FTDNA, and they're having trouble fixing it, but are aware of it and (allegedly) working on it. Lastly, I will be opening a new web site for the project using TNG (The Next Generation) software. If you are skilled with this software and would like to help with the project, I would welcome an additional Co-Admin as TNG geek. Well, this is enough news for now. I hope ROSE genealogists will be pleased with the changes. Diana (new) ROSE Y-DNA Surname Project Admin ROSE-DNA ListAdmin

    03/09/2017 04:25:54