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    1. [ROSE-DNA] FW: Rose MtDNA
    2. Diana Gale Matthiesen
    3. Hello Carol, My mtDNA results are on my web site: This won't have anything to do with my ROSE ancestry (or yours) because my ROSE ancestor is my paternal grandmother. I didn't inherit her mtDNA, I inherited that of my maternal grandmother. Because a woman's surname changes with every generation, it simply isn't possible to have surname projects for women. All you can have is an mtDNA haplogroup subclade project. The most genealogically useful test for us females is FTDNA's FamilyFinder test, which is on sale through midnight tonight. You don't need to join a project to order the FamilyFinder test as a new FTDNA client: Diana > -----Original Message----- > From: Carol Rymes [] > Sent: Sunday, July 15, 2012 8:15 AM > To: > Subject: Rose MtDNA > > Hello: > > How do I compare my MtDNA with you? I tested with Genebase. > > My oldest known Maternal ancestor > is Louisa Rose born in Va. about > 1804. > > Thank You, > > Carol Myers Rymes > > Sent from my iPhone

    07/15/2012 03:34:21