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    2. I left out the first two words of the following: "In 1700+, . . ." -----Original Message----- From: deangrossm <> To: robert-rev-pierre <>; camark_collector <> Sent: Sat, Jul 14, 2012 7:59 pm Subject: Re: [ROBERT-REV-PIERRE] PIERRE ROBERTS-ABRAHAM ROBERTS Here's what I found in an old family paper regarding Abraham I, father of Abraham II who migrated to Mississippi: "Abraham Roberts emigrated from France to Marion District, South Carolina. He was the youngest son. His family wished him to marry his cousin. He didn't love her and when he learned that she loved another, he decided to go to America, then she would be free to marry her lover. Abraham's parents were wealthy. The oldest son inherited the property. They gave Abraham a large amount of gold, which he brought to America in a brown leather, iron-bound trunk This same trunk was given the youngest Roberts son through the years. Howard Roberts, son of Thomas Griffin and Amanda Anders Roberts rightfully owned the trunk at his death. Abraham married in Marion District, South Carolina. He had several daughters and one son, named for the father, Abraham II. Abraham II was born about the year 1745. In 1770 Abraham the second married Miss Desire Rogers. They had eight children who lived to be grown, four sons and four daughters. Their oldest son was named David; second child was Sarah; third child, Abraham III; fourth, Mariah; fifth, Hannah; sixth, Robert; seventh, Joab; and the eighth, Katherine. In 1807 Abraham II with all the children moved from South Carolina to what is now Claiborn County, Mississippi." Does this story ring a bell with anyone else? Kristen Dean-Grossmann -----Original Message----- From: J. L. Sibley Jennings, Jr. <> To: william wray <>; robert-rev-pierre <> Sent: Wed, Jul 4, 2012 1:16 am Subject: Re: [ROBERT-REV-PIERRE] PIERRE ROBERTS-ABRAHAM ROBERTS Folks, I'm becoming a little perturbed at some of the unnecessarily snarky omments. At the risk of launching into my own snarkidom, I ask you olitely to give great credit, where credit is indeed due, to cousin Annie iller and her remarkable book "Our Family Circle". It is, in fact, ncredibly accurate considering the tens of thousands of people she had to rack down without benefit of telephone, computers or the internet, to ompile the monumental work that she produced. What errors there are in it are not of her making, but rather the errors of ther family members who sent her what they knew, or thought they knew, at he time. You have to consider that between the late 17th and early 18th enturies to today we have had a major revolution, a civil war, homes urned, letters and bibles lost or destroyed, courthouses and churches urned or destroyed by war, accidents, or the elements (hurricanes) taking heir records with them so that we are lucky to have any deeds, wills or ther documentation at all. The very fact that cousin Annie Miller was able o compile the records she did is nothing short of astonishing. I suggest hat, even with today's technology, it is altogether doubtful that any of ou could achieve anything similar to the achievement of that little entlelady. Having said that, I suggest that all of you should have at your fingers, as do, two copies of cousin Annie's book: 1) a copy of the original 1931 ublication, and, 2) a copy of the 1987 annotated version, a "xerox" ardback of the same book with handwritten notations and corrections that as published by our cousins, the "Lawton and Allied Families Association" eadquartered on Hilton Head Island. IF cousin Annie had not produced her ook, and distributed it liberally among all of our family lines, there ould be no source for the thousands of lines of descent to correct and nnotate for future generations. As scholarship progresses, and as more ocuments are uncovered, it might be possible to produce an even more ccurate picture of our ancestors -- but, none of it would have happened ithout cousin Annie!!! Both Landgrave Thomas Smith, Royal Governor of SC and founder of Charleston today's "Battery" was the side lot to his mansion house) and Pierre Robert ere my 8x-great-grandfathers. There is not a single error in Annie's ntire book from TS & PR to me (actually, my father; I was not yet born at he time of her publication). Perhaps that was because we still had Bibles, ills, deeds and letters, along with other artifacts, from the time of their rrival in 17th c. SC that we were able to supply cousin Annie. I have no oubt that others had a more difficult time. One of the bankers living ehind me here in Macon, Georgia, a gentleman named Johnson, was from ouisiana; he was descended from Pierre Robert as I am. We had known each ther for twenty years before we discovered we were cousins. And that was nly because he spotted one of my copies of her book in my library! "Our Family Circle" is one of the "Bibles" for the First Families of South arolina, an organization in which both I and my father (now deceased) are ife members. They meet annually in Charleston. If you want to really do omething about a Robert DNA project, that organization is where you should tart. At the last meeting my father attended it was estimated that he had iving, at that time, some 80,000 cousins in SC alone. And a goodly ercentage of them were Robert. If you are not willing to wait until next Spring's annual meeting to round p more Robert male descent guinea pigs, then call Atlanta and ask for obert & Co. They are, or were, one of the nation's biggest engineering and rchitectural companies. When I was at Georgia Tech many years ago, I was iven to understand that "Chip" Robert's company had some 2,000 professional mployees. I knew Chip. I never asked him that was so, but suffice to say t's a big company. Lawrence Wood Robert, Jr. ("Chip"), was president of the company; he was lso, I think, treasurer of the Democratic Party under FDR and Truman, and as responsible for the East Front extension of the U.S. Capitol as well as he design and construction of the Rayburn House (of Representatives) Office uilding to the south of the Capitol. Chip was a member of the Atlanta power lite; many of the other prominent Atlantans with whom he dealt were also is Robert and Smith cousins but with varying surnames via marriage over the enturies. Chip had a son, L. W. Robert, III, born in 1912 [OFC, pg 279]; Chip, Jr." had two sons: L. W. Robert, IV, and David L. Robert. There is a easonably good chance that they are alive and living in Atlanta, perhaps till working at the offices of Robert & Co. Google "Chip" Robert and Robert & Co. Otherwise, grab a copy of cousin nnie Miller's book and look up all of the male Robert surnamed born between 900 and 1931 and get on the internet to see if they, or their children / ranchildren, are still living in the community she had listed. If I can be of further help, feel free to contact me at my Macon, Georgia, esidence where I am at the moment. The email address with this missive is y Maryland address. Use a different one to contact me in Georgia: My Macon telephone number is (478) 742-5438. Macon is overrun with Robert kin!!! Regards. J. L. Sibley Jennings, Jr. P.S.: my father's birth in 1920 is recorded in cousin Annie's book [pg 454], nd on page 452 is a ca. 1910 photo of my great-grandparents in their adillac drop-top touring car with four of the ten kids sitting on the onnet, four ladies lounging in the rear, and the two oldest boys, then at niversity, hunkered down on the running board. I have the original photo hat cousin Annie reproduced in the book. So, be gentlemanly or ladylike hen you breathe cousin Annie's name, and please give her credit where redit is seriously due. Thanks. JLSJ. ----- Original Message ----- rom: "william wray" <> o: <> ent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 10:01 PM ubject: Re: [ROBERT-REV-PIERRE] PIERRE ROBERTS-ABRAHAM ROBERTS Thanks for all the info Hugh, I learned , albeit , the hard way, not to take everything that is published , as gospel fact ....................... case in question ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Anne Miller publication ,,,,,,, puttisng the Robert family into Abeyswerth Wales for several generations ............................. it just didnt happen that way . .. period so , from that , i gather that the miller book may or may not contain some more """""""""""""""""""" family lore """"""""" passed down from great gran ma or grna pa ................ ive learned to check it out , for the truth . thanks william ________________________________ From: W Hugh Tucker <> To: Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 8:39 PM Subject: Re: [ROBERT-REV-PIERRE] PIERRE ROBERTS-ABRAHAM ROBERTS I am sorry if I have stepped on some toes, but I do care about historical evidence. Genealogy is not an exact science but it does depend on historical record. As far as I have been able to determine the source of the assertion that Abraham II was the son of Abraham Roberts and Elizabeth Shepard was a series of two articles by Nathaniel Edward (Ed) Roberts in Transactions of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina, no. 77 & 78, 1972. These articles had some very good research but they also had a lot of speculation. on page 78 (vol. 77), Ed Roberts states : Abraham Robert ca. 1720 - ca 1757; " Abraham Roberts, I. (Abraham Robert), undoubtedly lef French Santee, South Carolina, rather than leaving France, as it is written in the Roberts Family History), for the Georgetown District, South Carolina.... In addition to Abraham, II, born in 1745, and several daughters (we think at least three) , there was an older son who was reported to have been born in 1740, named John ( later information shows John's birth to be 1742-43, in a copy of the Roberts-Lambright-Andrew Bible, marked very hard to read at the above date. >From the year of John's birth, I think it is safe to assume that Abraham >Robert was born 1719-22 and married Elizabeth Shepard 1739-41." On page 79 "Actually very few items have shown up on Abraham Robert, I, ... now I can see why Annie E. Miller writes: " We know very little about him." This is what we know about Abraham Roberts and Elizabeth. Contrary to Ed Roberts speculations based on the Lambright Bible, we do not know Elizabeth's maiden name. The Shepard comes from her marriage to James Shepard about 1750 in St. Bartholomew's parish, Colleton County, SC. The date is based on the birth date of her son, Thomas Shepard on 9 Nov. 1752 (Shepard Family Bible). This means that Elizabeth's husband, Abraham Roberts died no later than 1751, six years earlier that the date given by Ed Roberts. James Shepard's Will probated in 1759 names John Roberts as "his son-in-law" . In this case this means his son by marriage to his mother rather than the modern meaning. As John Roberts was not of legal age to be executor (as stated in the will, his mother and James Shepard's widow was named executrix. The only beneficiaries named are John Roberts and his son, Thomas Shepard. The entire will can be found in the archives of this discussion group. Elizabeth Shepards will probated in Liberty County, Georgia after her death in 1785: Her will was probated by Francis Brown in Liberty County, Georgia. "Liberty County, Georgia, Probate Court, Original will of Elizabeth Sheppard: "Georgia / In the Name of God Amen. I Elizabeth Sheppard of St. John's Parish and Province Aforesaid Widow ... First. I Give and Bequeath unto my Eldest Son Jo[torn] Roberts. His Bond (let it be what Sum it will) which he gave me for Two Negroe Winches: Named Sylvia and Judah: the Bond being at Present in the Hands of Mr Gideon Dupont in Charles Town. So Carolina. and it is my Will that be fully, Clearly & Absolutely Discharged of the Same. Also to my Grand Daughter Elizabeth Roberts I Give ... One Gold Ring, and One Pair of Gold Sleeve Buttons . ... All the Residue, and Remainder, of my Estate ... I Give. Devise, and Bequeath. unto my well Beloved Son. Thomas Sheppard.6 whom I Do hereby Constitute and Appoint my whole and Sole Executor ... this Thirteenth Day of March ... One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Two ... I Elizabeth her III Hand Sheppard / In the Presence of Us ... / s/ Francis Brown / s/ Michael Williamson / Personally appeared this 14th ... September 1785 before me Thos Baker Register of Probates for Liberty County ... State of Georgia Frances Brown ... duly sworn ... he saw Elizabeth Shepard sign ... her last Will ... he also saw Michael Williamson sign ... as witness ... / s/ Thomas Baker R. P. “ (the three dots are in the original to prevent text insertions) Note that in neither will are any other children mentioned or acknowledged. If Abraham II was Elziabeth's child we would have expected him to be mentioned in one or both wills. There is also evidence (land and other records) that Elizabeth's husband, Abraham Roberts died in St. Bartholomew's parish. Now what about Abraham, the father of Abraham Ii. A Will was probated for Abraham Roberts in the Georgetown district in 1762. Given that Elizabeth's husband, Abraham Roberts died at least ten years earlier, this must be a different Abraham Roberts. On March 20, 1762, letters of guardianship were granted to Anthony Sweet and Martha his wife, "on Abraham Roberts, Infant Child of Abraham Roberts late of Fredericks Parish, planter deceased." Anthony Sweet's grandson, William Charles Sweet (Margaret Mitchell's grandfather) stated: My grandfather, Anthony Sweet (I) married a widow, Mrs. Roberts, whose maiden name I never inquired. She possessed some property and it was the basis on which my grandfather built his fortune. She was my grandmother and it grieves me that I never inquired about her. She died when her five children were quite small and my father was reared by a stepfather. A Sweet family tradition states that her maiden name was Avant. 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