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    1. Re: [ROBERT-REV-PIERRE] DNA sale! Our chance to sort out our Robert tree!!
    2. Cyndi
    3. Hi Kristin, How exciting! I have applied to get a separate project for our Pierre Robert group, but I haven't heard back yet so my best advice would be to join the Roberts project for now--and then if we get our own project we can get you into that easily. And while I do recommend 67 markers for all of us--or even 111--since this is a family study, I suggest you go ahead and get started with 12 markers--or whatever level you can afford to start with (FTDNA saves the sample so we can add on later without having to retest). Partly, I just want to get the ball rolling! I've found that if one person tests, it inspires others! But also, even 12 markers may be able to lead us to other folks/matches who may have already tested. And 12 markers is enough to tell the Haplogroup which is interesting in itself! Malaria should not affect the test--that's come up on the lists before and the folks who should know say it's not a problem... This sale has really good prices! I'd get in on it if you can!!! If you order and add me as a contact I will be able to help you get into the right projects and help you understand your results. Up to you... Join the Roberts project at: (Peter Roberts is the admin of this project & is a good guy. He'll want your ancestor line--you may want to prepare a GEDCOM for upload--or just get your line together..) Looking forward to getting this stuff going! Working on my own line for comparison... Cyndi in Baltimore volunteer admin for several DNA projects--descendant of Rev Peter... -----Original Message----- From: deangrossm <> To: robert-rev-pierre <> Sent: Wed, Jul 11, 2012 3:37 pm Subject: Re: [ROBERT-REV-PIERRE] DNA sale! Our chance to sort out our Robert tree!! I think we in our group of Abraham III of Amite County, MS descendants have someone we can sponsor. How would we go about ordering a kit? And, it's the Y-DNA 67 kit that you recommend? We might wait for the Christmas sale so that we don't feel pressured to get our funds together this week. If our representative has had malaria, is that a problem for the results? Thanks! Kristen Dean-Grossmann -----Original Message----- From: Cyndi <> To: robert-rev-pierre <> Sent: Tue, Jul 10, 2012 5:49 am Subject: [ROBERT-REV-PIERRE] DNA sale! Our chance to sort out our Robert tree!! i folks, We have been talking recently about defining our Robert/Roberts/Robarts family ines and I have good news! FamilyTreeDNA has just announced their summer sale or DNA testing. It's only good for a week but for anyone who has thought about esting, this is the time to buy a kit (you can store it if you need to work on inding an appropriate candidate)! The appropriate candidate is male and still carrying the surname (sorry, that's ow Y-DNA works! we women can sponsor someone and manage the results, but we on't have Y-DNA). I highly recommend 67 markers--since this is a family study nd all of our results will be similar--but one good thing about FTDNA is that hey will store your DNA sample so you can start at a lower number of markers nd add on when you can afford it (ie, the next sale which is usually around hristmas-time). I suggest we all get busy and find our candidate, then talk to family members to hare in the funding. After all, when "Uncle Leo" is tested, his Robert results re true for everyone in the family! I'd really like to see descendants from ach of Rev Pierre's sons tested--tho I'm not sure each has a male Robert/s escendent... The test is a simple cheek swab (no blood) and they send you everything you eed. If you test, please provide your direct line to your earliest proven obert ancestors... Prices on new kits as follows: NEW KITS urrent Group Price ALE PRICE Y-DNA 12 99 59 Y-DNA 37 149 129 Y-DNA 67 239 199 Family Finder 289 199 mtFullSequence (FMS) 299 219 FF+ Y-DNA 37 438 328 FF + mtDNAPlus 438 328 Comprehensive (FF + FMS + Y-DNA 67) 797 617 SuperDNA 518 428 his is a golden opportunity--let's see what we can learn! Cyndi in Baltimore ------------------------------ o unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to ith the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of he message ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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