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    1. [QUIROZ] invite to OurAcadianRoots & OurLouisianaRoots
    2. Paul L LeBlanc
    3. On January 7th Ancestry/Rootsweb announced that beginning March 2nd, 2020, they will discontinue their Mail Lists functionality.  Upon receiving this notice Paul L. LeBlanc immediately began searching for another website that could accommodate the mailing list format he uses on Rootsweb.  After much research, he determined Google Groups was the best option.  So he has created two new public Google groups: “Our Acadian Roots” and “Our Louisiana Roots”, which between them will consolidate 77 Acadian and Cajun, 10 uniquely Louisiana, many French surname, and 32 Louisiana Parish Lists.  The new consolidated Genealogy research/discussion groups will focus not only on Acadian and Louisiana ancestors, but also on "All Early French in North America". Come visit the groups' new websites and take a look at the new format:!forum/ouracadianroots or!forum/ourlouisianaroots If you would then like join either or both of them, just click "Join group to post" located at the top left of the page. If any questions or problem joining contact Paul at [email protected] If you would like to create your own "OUR ______ ROOTS" Google Group for your family or Parish/County, contact me at [email protected] .  I may have some ideas to help you get started.  In addition, we may be able to add your new group to our new and expanding research family. For more information, Paul L LeBlanc at [email protected]

    02/28/2020 11:54:03