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    3. Hello list, My grgrandmother was Esperanza Quiroz daughter of Domingo Almada de Quiroz y Mora and Maria Jesus Carmelo. She married Francisco Loretto Garcia, son of Guadalupe Garcia and Guadalupe Robles, sometime in the late 1890's I believe in Caborca,Sonora, Mexico. I know I could go to Family History Center and look up records for that time in that place, but I don't read Spanish and it takes me forever to get through just one group of records. Esperanza gave birth to several children that did not grow to adulthood in Caborca Sonora and Ajo Arizona area. My grandmother, Guadalupe, and her sister, Frances Loretta Garcia were born in 1907 and 1910. Sometime between 1910 and 1922, Francisco died, and Esperanza married someone named Rivera. Does anyone have access to the microfilm for Caborca for marriages, births, and deaths who reads Spanish and can look up the records? The one microfilm I rented at FHC is still waiting for me to get back to. I found two baby girls, born in 1900 and 1901 to this couple. These daughters didn't grow to be very old. Then I have a picture of Esperanza and Francisco holding a naked baby boy. I haven't found the record for him. He didn't grow to be very old either. Don't know if he was born before these girls or after. If anyone has time and access and ability to look up any records I would surely be grateful. BTW my grandma was always told she was born in Ajo Arizona. But they have no record of her birth. Thank you, Loretta Lee _________________________________________________________________ Get your FREE download of MSN Explorer at

    09/28/2001 07:07:59