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    1. [QUICK] TOWNSEND - QUICK Family Photographs
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" a group of 12 old photographs belonging to the TOWNSEND and POWNALL Family of Pennsylvania. The group includes 6 photographs of Howard from teens to 60's taken in and around Lancaster, PA along with 3 photographs of Evanna POWNALL TOWNSEND taken from about age 6 into her 40's, one photograph taken in Atlantic City, NJ. An additional 3 photographs are of Evanna POWNALL with her daughter Alta TOWNSEND BURR STOLZE, Granddaughter Helen BURR PECK, and Great Granddaughter Alta PECK; Evanna TOWNSEND, Neenie QUICK, and an unidentified woman; and the last of Evanna TOWNSEND, Lindner BONGAARDT, Elsie BONGAARDT, and Alta TOWNSEND. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding this family: Howard L. TOWNSEND was b. 10 Nov 1851 in Sadsbury Township, Lancaster Co., PA to parents Jacob R. TOWNSEND (1820-1891) and Susan M. HOMSHER (1830-1902). Howard was one of 6 children born to this couple including, Howard L.; Ellwood Martin; Ashmore or Ashmer H.; Elizabeth Paxon or Patterson or Paxson; Ella V.; and Maris or Morris S. TOWNSEND, all born between 1851 and 1870. Howard married Evanna POWNALL (1852-1934) and they had 3 children who are all detailed below. Howard died 3 Sept 1932 in Lancaster Co., PA and is buried in the Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery in Gap, PA. Evanna POWNALL was b. 22 Apr 1852 in Christiana, PA to parents Ambrose POWNALL (1825-1919) and Joanna F. DENNEY or DENNY (1829-1904). Evanna had a sister Edith Denney POWNALL (1866-1950). Evanna married Howard L. TOWNSEND and together they had 5 children including, Elsie Pownall; Eugene Leeray or Leeroy; Alta Frances; Harold Lester; and Herbert R. TOWNSEND; all born between 1876 and 1897. Evanna died 14 Oct 1934 and is buried in the Bellevue Presbyterian Cemetery in Gap, PA. Helen BURR was born 9 Oct 1910 in Philadelphia, PA to parents Albert BURR and Alta F. TOWNSEND. Helen married James A. PECK and she died 9 Jul 2000 in State College, PA and is buried in the Glen Run Cemetery in Atglen, PA. Helen had one daughter, Alta L. PECK PERKS who was living in State College, PA when her mother died in 2000. I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that this wonderful group of family photographs can be returned to the care of family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

    03/09/2019 07:42:10