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    1. [QUEEN] Francis Queen research
    2. Rolla Queen
    3. For researchers of Francis Queen and descendants, I think I have successfully traced descendants of Francis Queen's oldest son, James. James has been a difficult because he leaves the Brushy Mountains early and settles in Tennessee, and there a tons of James Queens out there, often being mixed up and confused. James and some of his children end up in Sullivan County, Indiana, and Harrison County, Missouri, but the trail goes cold after that. I had some success in following James' sons Reuben and Johnston, but not James' oldest son, also named James. Recently, as a result of a small DNA match, I picked up the trail of James's son, James, and have traced it down to the people I had the DNA match with. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, they had tried to link their Queen ancestors to the Rutherford County Queens and Old William, so the DNA results are forcing them to rethink their research, but I have no doubt. One result of that research is that on the 1880 census, James's son, James, indicates that his father James, son of Francis, was born in Ireland. Now, I am still following this cautiously, but if this is the case, it means that Francis would have come to America, with wife and child, after James was born in about 1774 and before the birth of their next child in 1776. Francis first turns up in tax records in NC in 1778. In hindsight, this makes a whole lot of sense, but I still need more confirmative research to make this a firm conclusion. It also helps feed the old family lore that Francis came from Ireland and "he came to fight," which we have always assumed meant in the Revolutionary War - though how that tracks with coming with a wife and child and not really serving but a small hitch to fight in the Battle of Kings Mountain, I am not sure. In any case, if the DNA was not more clear, it is another indicator of that relatively geographically close Queen groups, like the Brushy Mountain and Rutherford County Queens, were not related. We really have to be diligent in correcting a lof of inaccurate research that continues to permeate the internet, and, to this day. Ever vigilant! Rolla

    01/25/2019 10:42:00