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    1. [QUEEN] Queen's in the Marriage Records of Scioto County, Ohio 1803-1860
    2. Sheila Thomas
    3. Hello all! After a multi-year break, I'm back to looking at my Queen ancestors. I'm descended from John White Queen (ggggf), Laura Queen Fleak (gggm), Ida Fleak Keller (ggm), Ralph Keller (gf). A couple of weeks ago, I purchased the transcription publication, Marriage Records of Scioto County, Ohio 1803-1860, by Caryn R. Fuller Shoemaker & Betty J. Sisler Rudity. Genealogical Publishing Company, 1987. This information is probably superfluous with info but, here it is the listed Queen's: -Mary Ann Queen m. James Barber; 15 Nov 1838; Marriage Affidavits (MA), Original Returns (R), and volume and page number found: A-263 (publication page 6) -Sarah Queen m. Amaziah Bennet; 5 Mar 1846; MA, R, B-85 (p.8) -Hester Ann Queen m. Daniel Henry; 2 May 1835; MA, R, A-203 (p.57) -Martha Queen m. Aaron D Hodges; 3 Jan 1828; MA, R, A-116 (p.59) -William Queen, Jr., m. Margaret Fout; 11 Oct 1849; MA, R, B-190 (p.107) Hope this helps someone. Sheila Thomas

    11/12/2018 10:03:25