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    1. [PUBLISH-FAMHIST] My Solution to The Family History Problem
    2. Sam Sloan
    3. I have published several books pertaining to my family history. They are available on Amazon and numerous other book sellers. If I die and even if Amazon goes out of business, I feel confident that somebody will have the books and thus they will live forever. Even if they are only computer files, somebody will have them. I am willing to help anybody else publish books of their family history in this way, if that will help. The one downside to this is once published they cannot be unpublished. I try to have several publishers and printers get my computer files. It has already happened that one of my publishers went out of business. Also, my hard disk has crashed several times. My files and work product would have been lost forever except that I had distributed it widely and found somebody who still had it. Here are two of the books I have published. Both were written by others. The author of the first book is dead and fortunately her family members sent me the original pages of her manuscript, allowing me to publish this invaluable work and save it for future generations. David Graham of Chester County, South Carolina and His Descendants 1772-1989 ISBN 0923891072 The Descendants of Hugh Thomson ISBN 0923891617 My maternal grandmother was Mary Graham (1879-1956). My maternal great-grandmother was Elizabeth Grace Thomson (1851-1932). My name is in both books. If you will look up these books on various book seller websites you will see more than 20 book sellers offering to sell these books. Few have actually bought it but if I die somebody will have it. Do not think of this as a way to make money as you will not make any, but I believe that by this process the books will last forever. Even if Amazon goes out of business, other companies will have the computer files and thus the books will survive forever for future generations. Sam Sloan

    12/13/2013 04:31:23