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    1. [PUBLISH-FAMHIST] Re what to do with your family history
    2. Kitty Cooper
    3. My family history web site separates the families and has the stories and photographs This uses a content management system called cms made simple which is really easy to update and as I constantly learn new information it is a constantly changing thing. There is currently a way back machine which archives everything on the web The pedigree information is embedded on the site from wikitree and is also on geni, images of sources are uploaded to geni and some to wikitree. My gedcom also synchs with ancestry and is on myheritage as well I also uploaded it to familysearch at one point and need to look at that again ------------------------------------------ Kitty Cooper, web developer > On Dec 14, 2013, at 12:00 AM, [email protected] wrote: > > > My ideal website for recording my genealogical research would have only > one pedigree for each family / surname / genetic group for each surname. > With a surname like EMMINGER, there might be only one pedigree on the > To graphs website, because there is probably only one EMMINGER family. On the > other hand, for a surname like WHITE there might be a hundred or more > pedigrees, because there are a hundred or more distinct WHITE families.

    12/14/2013 01:50:39