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    1. [PROW] Admin Post Please Read
    2. Dee
    3. Hi everyone! As you may have noticed, Rootsweb mail lists are back on-line! Yay! If you need help navigating the new system: <> I hope everyone will begin utilizing this list and the many others available at Rootsweb. If you have any questions about this list please fee free to send me a message! Have a great day! Dee Admin <>

    04/09/2018 12:28:30
    1. [PROW] List Admin Post - please read
    2. Dee Pavey
    3. Hi everyone! My name is Dee and I'm the admin for this list. Please take a minute to review our list guidelines (what few we have) at If you ever have any questions about the list, please feel free to contact me privately. Have a wonderful day! Happy Hunting! Dee GenLady Kentuckiana Genealogy

    07/30/2012 07:37:27