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    1. [PIER] OSBORNE - PIER Family Photographs
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" a group of four OSBORNE Family photographs. The first is one of Dr. Lyman OSBORNE'S three children which was taken by The Fowler View Co. from Des Moines, IA. The three kids are playing in front of a home and appear to range in age from infant to about 5 years old. The photograph appears to have been take in the 1890's. The second photograph is one of Laurie OSBORNE who was the wife of Dr. Lyman OSBORNE who is noted as "Mama's Brother" on the back. The photograph was taken at the Bicket Studio in Fitzgerald, GA likely in the 1890's or early 1900's with Laurie appearing to be in her 40's. The third and fourth photographs are both taken at "Grandpa and Grandma OSBORNE's Ranch". The name of the ranch is difficult to read but I'm guessing that it is "Winelba" or "Winaka" or "Winuba", just don't know for sure. In one photograph the grandparents are sitting on the porch (this is Lyman's parents - William Farrand and his wife Helen Maria SHEDD) steps with a young boy and a women stands on the porch, neither are identified. The fourth photograph includes Orlando CLARK and his wife Betsy who is identified as Grandpa OSBORNE'S sister along with Grandma and Grandpa OSBORNE. Again they are pictured in front of the ranch house. There are 5 more people in this fourth photograph that aren't identified + a horse! The 5 are 2 adults and three children, may be Dr. OSBORNE and his family? Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding the various family members: William Farrand OSBORNE was b. 18 Apr 1891 in Waverly, IA and he married Grace Elizabeth PIER (1896-1990) on 16 Jun 1916 in Arlington, NJ. They had two children, Laurel Esther OSBORNE (1918-2000) and William Farrand OSBORNE Jr. (1921-2005) and he died 15 or 19 Apr 1951 in Dallas, TX and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Fitzgerald, GA. Helen Mary OSBORNE was b. 3 Jan 1893 in Waverly, IA and married Elisha Starr WINN Sr. (1878-1967) on 30 Dec 1944 in Fitzgerald, GA and Helen died 16 Nov 1978 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Fitzgerald, GA. Esther Laurie OSBORNE was b. 24 Mar 1895 in Waverly, IA the third child of Laurie and Lyman OSBORNE. Esther married Jack Eston BREWER (1899-1978) on 23 Mar 1921 in Fitzgerald, GA. Esther and Jake had 5 children including, Jake Eston Jr.; Baby Boy Twins; Laurie Lee; and Charles Lyman BREWER, born between 1922 and 1930. Esther died 27 May 1971 and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Fitzgerald, GA. Laura "Laurie" Annie SMILIE was b. 23 Apr 1859 in Cambridge, VT to parents Francis SMILIE (1817-1892) and Mary Ann PERRY (1825-1893). Laurie was one of 8 children born to this couple including, Alma Frances; Fannie Annette; Clara Louise; James M.; Laura A.; Earl Madison; Frederic Martin; and Charles Henry SMILIE, all born between 1846 and 1870. Laurie married Lyman S. OSBORNE (1855-1945) on 24 Sept 1884 in Waverly, IA. Laurie died 22 Nov 1923 in Fitzgerald, GA and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Fitzgerald. Dr. Lyman S. OSBORNE was b. 1855 in Janesville, WI and he died 6 Aug 1945 in Fitzgerald, GA and is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Fitzgerald along with his wife. Helen Maria SHED or SHEDD was b. 3 or 4 Sept 1832 in Bergen, NY to parents Milo Warn SHEDD (1808-1887) and Abigail PHELPS (1811-1897) who were married 30 Nov 1831. Helen was one of 5 children born this couple including, Helen Maria; Rosalthe Ann; Mary Albina; Henry Milo; and Abbie Jane SHEDD, all born between 1832 and 1855. Helen married William F. OSBORN (1832-1913)in 1854 and they had a son, Lyman S. OSBORNE (1855-1945) and a daughter, Sarah Rosalthe OSBORN (1871-1953). Helen died 14 May 1915 in Sunnyvale, CA and is buried in the Alta Mesa Memorial Park Cemetery in Palo Alto, CA. Her husband William F. OSBORN was b. 25 Nov 1831 or 26 Nov 1832 in Bergen, NY to Farrand Benoni OSBORN (1801-1871) and Sarah HAMMOND (1807-1844) who married in 1823 in Genessee Co., NY. The couple had 7 children including, Sarah Ann; Sarah Altheda; Clarissa Sylvia; William Farrand; Betsy Marion; Eli Lyman; and John Hammond OSBORN, all born between 1827 and 1838. William died 24 Jul 1913 and is buried in the Alta Mesa Memorial Park Cemetery along with his wife. Orlando CLARK was b. Mar 1829 in New York to parents Samuel Kent CLARK (1799-1863) and Charlotte WHITNEY (1804-1878). Orlando was one of 7 children born to this couple including, James; Luther; Orlando; Hiram; Sarah L.; Charlotte; and Samuel CLARK, all born between 1822 and 1844. Orlando married Betsy "Bessie" Marion OSBORN (1834-1927) on 27 Oct 1895 in Waverly, IA. Orlando died 8 Jan 1910 in Greeley, CO and is buried in the Linn Grove Cemetery in Weld Co., CO. Betsy was b. 1 Aug 1834 in Byron, NY and first married Edward Osgood GILMAN (1829-1893) about 1855 in New York and after he died she married Orlando and she died 13 Jan 1927 and is buried in the Linn Grove Cemetery along with her husband Orlando. I am hoping to locate someone from this family so that the photographs can be returned to their care. If you are a member of this family or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

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