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    3. On 5 Mar 2007 at 20:51, lenore mckean wrote: > I'm trying to find the parentage of one Francis Peer b. > Aug. 29, 1888, possibly also identified as Clarence > Francis Peer. In the 1901 cencus he is shown as the > grandson of Nelson Peer, also known as Horatio Nelson Peer > of Wentworth Cty, Ontario, Canada. Nelson's children > shown as Martha and George. We believe Francis is > possibly the illegitimate son of Martha. Does anyone have > any info on this Hi Lenore Francis (aka Clarence Francis) gave Horation and wife as his parents when he married. however we know that to be incorrect since Horatio's wife was deceased long before Francis was born I've been unable to find a birth reg. for Francis so cannot say for sure who his mother/father is. Horatio's parents were John L. Peer & Nancy Harris. I will send you more privately but meantime you can see my pages at Lorine -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze * Olive Tree Genealogy (Ships Passenger Lists) * Naturalization Records * Images of Ships Lists or

    03/10/2007 06:41:22