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    1. [PIER] what book contans pedigree of Pier sisters?
    2. Terence Kelley
    3. The grandaughters of Arent Teunis Pier & Geesje Jans were Maria Pier and Jannetje Pier. As the child of Maria married the child of Jannetje, the child, Alexander (1783)became the grandson of the Pier sisters. Alexander, then, has a pedigree going back to Arent Teunis Pier & Geesje Jans. He also has a pedigree going back to Geesje Jans and her FIRST husband, Pieter Carstensen. FURTHERMORE, Alexander has a pedigree going back to the brother of Arent Teunis Pier. I am seeking published material that prooves/disprooves the high frequency of cousin marriges within this Dutch community since he 17th century. More detail can be found on this convaluted pedigree by searching in for Alexander Ostrander (1783). Terence Kelley

    10/04/2012 06:58:20