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    3. Hello all Peer/Pier descendants! My book on the PEER family of New Jersey and Ontario is almost complete after 20 years of research. I have traced all of Jacob & Anne Peer's children and descendants to the early 1900s. The Peer book that I intend to publish will follow Jacob & Anne's descendants to 7 generations. It is fully sourced and footnoted, with many images of original documents such as wills, land records, letters, photographs and census records. I am also including other Peer families in Ontario - families which are either proven to not fit into our line of Jacob & Anne, or families whose placement is at present unknown. At this point in the documentation process I am calling on submissions of documents. If you are a Peer descendant, I encourage you to submit your photographs (beore 1900 only please) and other documents or documentation on your lines. If you submit records which are unknown to me, I will use them in the Peer book with full credit to you as the source. Please understand that after 20 years of research there is a good chance I may already have what you submit, and if so, your name will not be used in the credits. In order to help descendants figure out if their family is currently in the book, I have put indexes online for each of the Peer family groups that will be in my book. Jacob Peer & Anne from New Jersey to Ontario 1796 - their descendants to 7 generations Matthew Peer (1800-1884) & Dorothy House of Elgin County Ontario - their descendants to 3 generations Peter Peer aka Pear & Mary Graham (ca 1792-?) of Leeds County Ontario - their descendants to 3 generations John Peair (1826-1904) & Bridget Monaghan of Wentworth County Ontario - their descendants to 3 generations Richard Peer (1817-?) & Elizabeth Shouldice of Bruce County Ontario - in progress Mary Peer aka Pear (1797-1888) & Simon DeForest of Halton County Ontario - in progress Mary Ann Peer (1827 -?) & Frederick Lunney of Grey County Ontario - in progress Thomas Peer & Catherine of Kent County Ontario - in progress Please feel free to write to me first at to ask if I have the documents you are willing to share. Hoping to hear from all interested PEER/PIER/PEAR researchers! Lorine -- Lorine McGinnis Schulze * Olive Tree Genealogy (Ships Passenger Lists) * Naturalization Records * Images of Ships Lists or

    02/23/2007 07:55:23