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    2. Norma Thain
    3. Hello Heather, Thanks for your e.mail and I just also noticed your appeal here on the list regarding the undernoted James (F) Petrie... and thought I should share my reply here... unfortunately I do not yet have a record of all the Petrie male births in this time frame, I too can only offer the information from his military records, I have him listed in amongst my Petrie War Dead list.... but no parental details found as yet for him... I did a search online at Scotlands People, and found only 1 James Petrie is listed as born in Perth/Perthshire area between 1896 & 1899.... this birth took place at Persie, and I know this to be James Petrie son of James Petrie & Susan McDonald, and from family history from the Kirkmichael Petries I know he survived his youth... known by the nickname of Birk.... In a full search throughout Scotland there are 35 James Petries born between 1896 & 1899, so multiple look ups are required... I can eliminate some of them, but not all as yet ....but I can put on my list to check them all out next time I am there.. The fact that he is noted as a boarder in both instances on the census is interesting.... it might have suggested an arranged adoption or child-care, especially since their is another child of different surname listed as a boarder too. and from the details you have found on that child it would suggest perhaps unrelated. However with Susan Clark being listed as his mother in his military records... then perhaps his birth name would have been Clark, often I see the surname change of an illegitimate in an older child or adult who wishes to acknowledge their Petrie father or has been acknowledged by their Petrie father... for him to be listed as a Petrie and a Boarder, at the age of 4 strikes me as unusual, but it may have been that the grandfather as head of the household, and responsible for imparting the family information did not wish to record him as a grandchild. I did a Scotlands People search for any James Clark born in Perth/Perthshire area between 1896 & 1899.... 13 results,although only 1 James F..... named as James Fleming Clark, born 1898 in Coupar Angus... I thought it worth checking this one out, but find he is the son of Arthur and Annie Clark ms. Allison married at Arngask. The 12 other potential births would prove expensive checking out online, as would the 8 James F. Clark birth's found throughout Scotland in the same time frame, but again multiple birth look ups can be done quickly at Registrars Office in Edinburgh..or if anyone else is visiting Register House soon perhaps they can check them out.... I should add that none of the listed James Clark's are noted as born Blairgowrie.... I too would be most interested if anyone else can add to the query, thank you for sharing Heather. best wishes Norma On 9 January 2017 at 20:27, Heather Johnson <[email protected]> wrote: > Hi there > > > Can anyone claim James [F.] Petrie please? I am trying to help a local > Blairgowrie historian track down his parentage. This is the information we > can offer:- > > > On his CWGC file he is "James J." Petrie but, if we have the correct James > in the census entries, he has been found as "James F."! > > In the 1901 census entry, he is listed as James Petrie a "boarder" born > Blairgowrie "4" (c1897). He is with the Clark family (including a Susan > Clark b1872 and another boarder James Scott "1" born Clunie, Perthshire) at > 51 William Street, Blairgowrie; > > In the 1911 census entry, he is "James F." Petrie (again "Boarder", with > James Scott), again with the Clark family in Precinct Street, Coupar Angus, > which includes Linen Weaver Susan Clark again. James is an "Apprentice > Dresser" in a "Factory". > > On James' Soldiers Effects Register his legatee was his 'mother' - Susan > Clark. > > James enlisted in Perth, his regiment was the Black Watch (Royal > Highlanders)/(Fife and Forfar Yeomanry)/Service No. 266109. He died 30 > December 1917. He drowned, being on the ship Aragon was sunk - he is > commemorated on the Chatby Memorial, Egypt. > > > Thinking out loud, I wondered if the "F" stood for Francis? An > interesting note is that I think the aforementioned James Scott was > registered as James Duncan Scott born 27 July 1899, Clunie, Perthshire - he > was the illegitimate son of Gamekeeper Charles Scott and Domestic Servant > Cecilia Duncan. > > > So was Susan Clark James [F.] Petrie's mother or is he on any Petrie > tree? Any thoughts welcomed .... Heather > > > > > To browse or search the archives for this Petrie-Scotland Mailing List > click on this link > PETRIE-SCOTLAND > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > [email protected] with the word 'unsubscribe' without > the quotes in the subject and the body of the message >

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