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    2. George Brander
    3. Hi Gillian I think the information gathered by your father got the wrong Andrew Petrie, which is not surprising given the number of Petrie families who have an Andrew. The Andrew Petrie who was a twin, born 1798 died as an infant and the parents William Petrie and Anne Robertson named their next son Andrew. he was born 1800. This is a quick resume of ANDREW PETRIE Birth: Jan 10 1800 - Law, Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Death: June 4 1874 - Kirkhill, Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire, Scotland Parents: William Petrie, Anne Petrie (born Robertson) Siblings: Isabel Petrie, John James Petrie, William Petrie, George Petrie, Alexander Petrie, Joseph Petrie, Andrew Petrie, Charles Petrie, Agnes Hay (born Petrie), Robert Petrie, Anne Durno (born Petrie), James Petrie, Samuel Petrie, Elizabeth Petrie Wife: Barbara Petrie (born Milne) Children: Samuel Petrie, Anne Brewster (born Petrie), William Petrie, Elizabeth Shand (born Petrie), Andrina Anderson (born Petrie), Charles Petrie, Margaret Leslie (born Petrie), Agnes Mackie (born Petrie), James Petrie, Mary Robertson Petrie However this is not *your Andrew*. Whilst I cannot be certain I have seen a family tree which suggests that your Andrew was the son of *James Petrie and Isobel Low *and he was born 31 July 1805 at Rescobie in Angus. I think this is the Andrew who was a tailor in Glasgow and went on to marry Janet Hood before going to Canada. If you found the immigration record this normally gives some details. The death and burial of Janet Petrie ms Hood is fairly well documented (Donegal Cemetery) and of Alexander and Ellen and that of the first born son John born at sea 1834 died 23 July 1882. However I could not find death record for Andrew. You will need to research the Petrie family from Rescobie, Angus and maybe some of the other Petrie researchers may be able to help. My own particular Petrie area is in Aberdeenshire and I am not familiar with the Angus Petries. As a matter of interest how does your family pronounce Petrie? Generally speaking the Petries north of Stonehaven and into Aberdeenshire say it with a broad open "E" as in pet, whilst the Petries south of Stonehaven pronounce it as PEETRIE. Mind you as I said this is a broad generalisation. Happy hunting George George Brander Torre de la Horadada España On 23 December 2017 at 14:03, Gillian Barth <[email protected]> wrote: > Hello! My paternal grandmother Belva Madora Petrie was a Petrie from > Ontario with Scottish heritage and I am trying to make a connection back to > her family’s roots. > > What I have so far is that her grandfather Andrew Petrie (1798- +/- 1850) > was purportedly from Kennethmont, Aberdeenshire and married a Janet Hood in > Glasgow in 1933 before emigrating to Canada (quickly) the same year. Their > son John Andrew was born on the ship (presumably conceived before they were > married?) on 20 June 1833. The family all settled in Ontario and I have > all of the data and connections on this side, including their original > marriage certificate in Glasgow. > > The data that my father collected about the original Andrew Petrie from > Kennethmont, suggests that he parents were William Petrie and Ann > Robertson, both of whom (and their multiple children) are well documented > in Ancestry and other places. > > However, that Andrew Petrie seemed to have died in 1874 (presumably in > Kennethmont?) which is later than the Andrew Petrie of my family tree and > certainly in a conflicting location. > > Grateful for any assistance to solve this mystery! > > Best, > > Gillian Barth > Ottawa, Ontario > > > > > To browse or search the archives for this Petrie-Scotland Mailing List > click on this link > PETRIE-SCOTLAND > ------------------------------- > To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to > [email protected] with the word 'unsubscribe' without > the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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