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    1. Pearsons -- Catherine Pearson Adams and Mahala Pearson Scruggs
    2. Two of my 4th great-grandmothers' maiden names were Pearson and both lines stop cold with them. Both were born in South Carolina. If their families' migration patterns follow most of my other lines - their ancestors probably settled in Virginia before making their way south through North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. The first is Catherine (Katherine) Pearson. She married James Adams about 1814. James was born about 1785 in the Pendleton District of South Carolina. They had at least 10 children; the known names are Pearson (my line), Elizabeth, Jeptha, Malinda Jane, Charlotte, Charles, Ozilla and John Russell. Catherine was born around 1790 in South Carolina. James and Catherine both died in White County, Georgia where the family settled about 1832. Mahala Pearson married Meredith "Meardy" Scruggs. She gave her state of birth as South Carolina in several censuses, and the birth year was about 1800. Their known children were Martha, Rachel Rebecca, Jacob, William, Mahala, Ephraim, and Samantha. Meardy and Mahala Scruggs were founding members of Friendship Baptist Church in Forsyth County, Georgia. Meardy and three of their children died there in a typhoid epidemic in 1850. (I know Rachel, Ephraim and Samantha survived the epidemic -- I don't know who the fourth surviving child was.) She died sometime after 1880 in Pickens or Dawson county -- I don't know where she was buried. I would really like to connect with other Pearson researchers. I have some information on both of these women's descendants. I would be happy to share. Rebecca Bannister [email protected]

    10/05/2003 04:52:51