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    1. [PEARSON-THOMAS] Comfort Pearson 1718 John Everritt
    2. Good morning, I hope you don't mind the email... I am researching the Everritt Family and have run across John Everritt married to Comfort Pearson born 25 Sep 1718 and having two children Kesiah Everritt 22 sep 1740 and James Everritt 5 Feb 1742. I am trying to find more information on this family as it may connect to my oldest known decendent Thomas Everritt 1781 and his wife Jeanette 1796. Anything you can help me with would be greatly appreciated. Terry Everritt ________________________________________________________________________ Check out the new AOL. Most comprehensive set of free safety and security tools, free access to millions of high-quality videos from across the web, free AOL Mail and more.

    01/10/2007 01:16:54