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    1. hello from us in wisconsin
    2. John Pearson
    3. Just wanted to stop by and say hello since my email box has been so quiet lately. Also wanted to invite you to check out our newsletter online. It's called OurEnlighteningNewsletter -there is also a paper version if anyone would want to be added to our mailing list (it costs you a Christmas card :) To join go to: Sandra and John's enlightening newsletter online... sending you stories, jokes, quotes, poems, laughter, funny stories about being a pastor, our life and family doings, baby updates, and holiday tradions. For more information: Post message: [email protected] Subscribe: [email protected] Unsubscribe: [email protected] List owner: [email protected] Blessings friends: sandra and john John J. Pearson - Assessor II. Sandra Wellens -"Sandra's Avon Biz" WellensPearson Enterprises, LLC Post Office Box 64 Oconto Falls, WI 54154 Phone: (920) 848-3135 -b Fax: (920) 848-3921 or (775) 429-3915 Email: [email protected] website: ******AVON SPECIALS ******** We ship to all 50 states. Order today. see the brochures online: LOOK before buying: sign in username: shopsandra password: shopper email me -ask me what's on sale: [email protected] "Initiative is to success what a match is to a candle." Orlando A Battista _________________________________________________________________ MSN 8: Get 6 months for $9.95/month.

    09/02/2003 09:01:23