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    2. UNSUBSCRIBE ----- Original Message ----- From: JOANNE HARLEY To: Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 5:19 PM Subject: Re: Pearson's of the PEE DEE Region of South Caroina John, The Broad River runs from northcentral SC down through Columbia, SC in a north/south direction , and the Pee Dee River is a hundred miles away in the northeastern part of the state. There were two sets of Pearsons in SC at the same time. A connection between the Broad River set and the Pee Dee group has not been established yet to my knowledge. To the best of my memory, John Pearson was of the Broad River group. I am from the Pee Dee crowd and have no knowledge of your group. Sorry. Joanne H. NC ==== PEARSON-THOMAS Mailing List ==== The major emphasis for this List is the sharing of information of those early Pearsons who descended from Simon Pearson of Maryland, Simon Pearson of Stafford Co. Virgina and Thomas Pearson of Wisbeach, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire England. Their descendants settled Virgina, North Carolina and the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. ============================== To join and access our 1.2 billion online genealogy records, go to:

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