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    3. John, There is no connection between the Pee Dee River Pearson Family and those of Upstate South Carolina, i.e. Broad River, etc. The Pee Dee Family is descended from Moses Pearson, who migrated originally from Baltimore County, Maryland, to Johnston County, N.C. (what is now Wake County,N.C.) and then died in 1763 in the area of what is Marlboro County S.C. His two sons, Aaron and Captain Moses Jr., planted the remaining seeds of the name for those who for the most part remained in the lower Pee Dee. However, several of Aaron's offspring had the wandering fever and migrated out of state, one grandson who moved to Wilcox County, Alabama circa 1856 and a daughter who moved to Tennessee circa circa 1805. Moses, Sr had a brother named Samuel Pearson who was a distinguished Judge in early Wake County circa 1790-1800. Their orginal land and mills are in the area of NC State Campus. Both brothers migrated together, but it is unknown when. They were the offspring of Simon Pearson of Baltimore County Maryland and Sarah Thurston Shaw Pearson. Simon held considerable land in early Baltimore County and lived across the Potomic River from the FairFax Virginia/Stafford County Pearson Branch of the same name. Genealogist for many years considered them the same person but proof was far too inconclusive, although though provocative. The Maryland Relative was actually a generation older than the Virginian relative. Subsequent discovery of "burned courthouse records-pillaged...from the civil war" led to documentation to Simon of Virginia's parentage...and his age. We do believe however that the Virginian Family shared Maryland relatives back previous fact we know Thomas Pearson II, the grandfather of Simon of Virgina had at least one brother who lived in Maryland. The other Pearsons you see in upstate South Carolina originated out of PA, and were Quakers. Their family was quite large. There is another family of Pearsons who settled in North Carolina, in the Eastern Coastal Counties, Thomas Wheelwright Pearson (Colonial ). He was a Quaker Also) His family migrated westward across the state as well towards Tennessee. These are the three main family group of Pearsons that I know about, not sure your ancestor fits into one of them... Glenn Pearson -----Original Message----- From: John Philip Adams [mailto:[email protected]] Sent: Saturday, July 05, 2003 3:06 PM To: [email protected] Subject: Pearson's of the PEE DEE Region of South Caroina Will someon out there provide either a gedcom file or a word file with the hisotry of the PEARSON'S of Broad River / Pee Dee region fo SC. Is any of these pearosn a Major John Pearson of the Braod River, SC? Thanks John Philip Adams [email protected] ==== PEARSON-THOMAS Mailing List ==== The major emphasis for this List is the sharing of information of those early Pearsons who descended from Simon Pearson of Maryland, Simon Pearson of Stafford Co. Virgina and Thomas Pearson of Wisbeach, Isle of Ely, Cambridgeshire England. Their descendants settled Virgina, North Carolina and the Pee Dee Region of South Carolina. ============================== To join and access our 1.2 billion online genealogy records, go to:

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