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    1. ([PASUSQUE])In case you wonder about my site SAMPUBCO
    2. W David Samuelsen
    3. Have been quiet about my site last few months It is mostly indexes to the testators who wrote the wills and died, gifting some and screwing others. SAMPUBCO Free browsing of all indexes, with ready links to site of images of records. There are some few where you can see the images only at Family History Centers near you. (Indiana is one state) W David Samuelsen

    01/31/2020 01:09:36
    1. ([PASUSQUE])List closing down 2 March 2020 and replacement List starting now
    2. W David Samuelsen
    3. Begining March 2nd, 2020 the Mailing Lists functionality on RootsWeb will be discontinued. Users will no longer be able to send outgoing emails or accept incoming emails.  Additionally, administration tools will no longer be available to list administrators and mailing lists will be put into an archival state.  Administrators may save the emails in their list prior to March 2nd. After that, mailing list archives will remain available and searchable on RootsWeb In light of above annoucement few days ago. New list set up to cover entire state as the start. You can see the description of the list Two ways to join scroll down to blue button "Join this Group" or <> David Samuelsen

    01/13/2020 12:26:22
    1. ([PASUSQUE])An Invitation to Join a Great Group!
    2. Richard Berkheiser
    3. Hi everyone! By now I’m sure everyone has heard the sad news Rootsweb Mailing Lists will be disabled March 2, 2020. All lists will be archived for future researchers. Today I wanted to extend an Invitation to join our nearly 800 members strong Facebook group Pennsylvania Dutch Life. Debra Orner and I decided to welcome all of the list users to come over and join us! We discuss a little bit of everything. PA Dutch culture and heritage, area history, announcements of local events, and genealogical topics. Below is the link. All we ask is your Facebook profile have a face picture. Hope to see you soon! Rick B PADL Group Owner and Admin

    01/12/2020 03:02:10
    1. ([PASUSQUE])YOUNG Family Photograph
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" an old photograph of Hettie YOUNG SNELL which was taken on 23 Sept 1869 when Hettie was in her teens. Based on limited research I was able to locate the following information regarding Hettie and her family: Hettie Esther YOUNG was b. 20 Jan 1852 in Wilkes Barre, PA to parents John YOUNG and Urania KINGSLEY (b. 1824). Hettie married Irving William or Marlett SNELL (1857-1925) on 27 Dec 1881 in Lincoln, NE and together they had 5 children including, William L.; Urania; Edwin Young; Samuel R.; and Roscoe H. SNELL, all born between 1884 and 1899. Hettie died 17 Jan 1923 in Puyallup, WA and is buried in the Tacoma Cemetery in Tacoma, WA. Hettie's son William L. SNELL who was a druggist married Margaret HALVERSON on 16 Mar 1908 in Cosmopolis, WA. Hettie's son Edwin Y. SNELL was married to Frances N. LAUDERDALE in Tacoma, WA on 28 Dec 1916. Census records provide the following details: 1860 census of Jessup, PA: John YOUNG, age 41, a Farmer, born PA Eunice YOUNG, age 37, born PA Hettie YOUNG, age 8, born PA Edwin YOUNG, age 6, born PA Nelson YOUNG, age 3, born PA John R. YOUNG, age 11 months, born PA Margaret YOUNG, age 86, born Scotland + 1 Servant + 1 Farm Laborer 1870 census of Bridgewater, PA: John YOUNG, age 51, a Farmer, born PA Urania YOUNG, age 42, Keeping House, born PA Hettie YOUNG, age 18, at Home, born PA Edwin YOUNG, age 15, Works on Farm, born PA John R. YOUNG, age 11, at Home, born PA Elmer YOUNG, age 9, born PA William YOUNG, age 3, born PA + 1 Servant + 1 Farm Laborer 1880 census of Lancaster, PA: Urania YOUNG, age 56, Keeping House, born PA, parents born CT Hettie YOUNG, dau, age 28, Keeping House, born PA, parents born PA Edwin R. YOUNG, son, age 26, Farmer, born PA, parents born PA John R. YOUNG, son, age 20, Works on Farm, born PA, parents born PA Elmer E. YOUNG, son, age 19, Works on Farm, born PA, parents born PA William H. YOUNG, son, age 13, at School, born PA, parents born PA Ella S. YOUNG, dau-in-law, age 26, Keeping House, born PA, parents born PA + 1 Laborer 1900 census of Beaver, NE: Irving M. SNELL, age 43, born Apr 1857, married 18 years, born PA, parents born PA, a Farmer Hetta E. SNELL, wife, age 47, born Jan 1853, married 18 years, 5 children/5 living, born PA, parents born PA William L. SNELL, son, age 16, born Mar 1884, born NE Urania SNELL, dau, age 13, born Jan 1887, born NE Edwin Y. SNELL, son, age 9, born Sept 1890, born NE Samuel R. SNELL, son, age 6, born Jul 1893, born NE Moses H. SNELL, son, age 1, born Feb 1899, born NE 1910 census of Tacoma, WA: Erving M. SNELL, age 53, married 29 years, born PA, parents born PA, a School Principal Hattie E. SNELL, wife, age 58, married 29 years, 5 children/4 living, born PA, parents born PA Urena MOHL, dau, age 23, married 6 years, 2 children/2 living, born NE Samuel R. SNELL, son, age 16, born NE, a Lineman Esther S. MOHL, granddau, age 5, born WA, parents born SD/NE Roscoe F. MOHL, grandson, age 1, born WA, parents born SD/NE 1920 census of Puyallup, WA: Irving M. SNELL, age 62, born PA, parents born PA, Retired Hetty E. SNELL, wife, age 67, born PA, parents born PA I'm hoping to return the photograph to family and would appreciate you contacting me if you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be. Thanks, Shelley

    02/16/2019 01:54:09
    1. ([PASUSQUE])Susquehanna co PA Wills
    2. W David Samuelsen
    3. Susquehanna co PA Vol 8 (1898-1902) Will testators (242) added. Has link to FamilySearch images. Must have free account to see images of records. W David Samuelsen SAMPUBCO

    10/15/2018 04:02:02
    2. Marshall Lake
    3. Marshall LAKE (1851 Warren Co, NJ - 1923 Montrose, PA) married Maria THAYNE (1867 Susquehanna Co - 1934 Johnson City, NY) in 1886 in Susquehanna Co. Children: Cleveland John, Leo Edward, Lulu May, William, Ruth Claire, Frank D, Elizabeth Regina, Catharine M, Raymond Thayne, Teresa Helen, Evelyn Ann, Harold Edward & Margaret Louise. Marshall LAKE son of William G LAKE (1822 NJ - 1860 Susquehanna Co) and Catharine Margaret LINABERRY (1829 Warren Co, NJ - 1915 Susquehanna Co). Maria THAYNE daughter of Edward THAYNE (1839 Susquehanna Co - 1925 Scranton, PA) and Mary A KIERNAN (1842 Wyoming Co, PA - 1938 Montclair, NJ). William G LAKE son of Abraham LAKE (1796 NJ - 1874 Susquehanna Co) and Susan GARRISON (1793 NJ - 1861 Susquehanna Co). -- Marshall Lake -- --

    06/08/2018 06:31:51
    1. ([PASUSQUE])Surname Shout Out
    2. Richard Berkheiser
    3. Hi everyone! Just letting you know that the lists are back up and running again so to "celebrate" our return I'm initiating a first ever Surname Shout Out. A Surname Shout Out works like a Roll Call where we all post an ancestor we're totally stumped on. Please be sure to add vital statistics like date of birth, death, marriage, etc. Happy Hunting! Rick B Admin

    06/01/2018 09:04:09
    1. [PASUSQUE] WILCOX - EDGERTON Family Photograph
    2. Shelley Cardiel
    3. I've "rescued" an old photograph of Mabel WILCOX EDGERTON which was taken at the Van Ness Studio in Great Bend, PA. The photograph was taken in the 1890's with Mabel likely in her 20's at the time it was taken. Based on limited research I was able to gather the following information regarding Mabel and her family: Mabel E. WILCOX was b. 7 Feb 1878 or 1880 in Great Bend, PA to parents Warren E. WILCOX and Margaret E. SILVERNAIL (b. 1855). Mabel was one of 4 children born to this couple including, Mabel E.; Emery; Mary A.; and Margaret WILCOX, all born between 1881 and 1888. It appears that her mother married a second time and had another child, Bertha WEBB b. 1892. Mabel married Daniel M. EDGERTON (b. 1871) and she died 28 Dec 1943 in Binghamton, NY and is buried in the Mount Hope Cemetery in Norwich, NY. I am hoping to find someone from Mabel's family so that this wonderful old treasure can be returned to her family. If you are a member of this family, or you know someone who might be, please contact me. Thanks, Shelley

    10/06/2017 05:54:58
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    08/16/2016 04:33:23
    1. [PASUSQUE] The key to survival is your mental attitude!
    2. The Survival Mind-Set
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    08/16/2016 04:22:33
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    08/16/2016 03:51:48
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    2. Nicole Gordon
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    08/16/2016 03:22:00
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    08/16/2016 12:26:48
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    08/15/2016 07:00:50
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    08/15/2016 06:48:29
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    08/15/2016 05:43:25
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    08/15/2016 12:26:23