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    1. [PAPA-ITALIAN] Papa, Santoro & Gregori from Calabria, Italy and NY
    2. Bobbi Cesternino
    3. Benedetto Papa was born January 25, 1880 in: Region of Calabria, Province of Consenza (south of Naples) Comune of Cetraro, in a little village of San'Angelo di Cetraro. Also known in America as Benjamin Papas, Benedetto died April 14, 1923 in Amsterdam, Montgomery County, New York. Benedetto was married to Julia Teeling; they had one son. I know little of Benedetto's family other than the following: Benedetto had a sister, Christina (Cristina), born in San'Angleo. She was alive & living in NYC at the time of his death in 1923. Benedetto's paternal aunt, Michelina Papa, married Pietro Santoro. Their daughter, Rosa, born April 9, 1879 in San'Angelo, was Benedetto's cousin. Rosa married a Mr. Gregori and lived in Staten Island as late as the 1960's. One of her children was Edward. I'm trying to find Benedetto's parents, birth record, immigration data or any other information, as well as connect with any existing relatives.. Other than the foregoing, I only know that we are related to the Paletta family. I have various photos of Benedetto, Rosa (Santoro) Gregori and her son, Edward Gregori, to help with family identification. Any information would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks, Cissi Cesternino

    06/21/2009 12:17:55