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    1. ([PANORTHU])Northumberland County PAGenWeb Update - New Census Page
    2. Greg Price
    3. I'm hoping this may be helpful; especially if you're new to researching your family history. I can remember the first time I visited the local FHC branch to start working on my family history back in October of 1991. Of course, I knew absolutely nothing, so the first thing I asked after being greeted and signing in was, "Do you have the 1890 US Census?" That produced a few laughs and a response informing me that the 1890 had been destroyed by fire, so I settled for looking in the index of the 1880 US Census instead. Boy. Did I feel dumb! A few days ago, I found a wonderful story that I was able to post on the newly-created US Federal Census page. Yes, it was a fire that led to the destruction of that census, but that's not the full story. The fire occurred in 1921. The census was actually destroyed in the 1930's! It's called "The Fate of the 1890 Population Census". I've also included a few other links to the National Archives site which spell out the most valuable genealogical clues for each census from 1790 to 1940. There are links to each individual census that you can search, all compiled here in one place, that lead to so you can look at everything for free. It will require you to create a free account. You can go directly to the new page at: Once again, please let me know if you find any broken links or have anything you think should be added to the site. Happy hunting and best regards, Greg Price Northumberland County PAGenWeb Coordinator

    03/22/2019 11:02:37