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    1. [PAFULTON] Elizabeth Willet Anderson
    2. Scottie
    3. Is it possible that the woman mentioned here (married to William Anderson, Revolutionay War veteran) is buried in a Cemetery in Fulton County?  She was b. 1764 Prince Georges Co.,Md.) and d. 1862 Bedford Co. Pa.  I need proof of this to be qualified for member ship to the DAR. Rumor or truth, it is possible that she was moved from the Anderson Cemetery to another.  Fulton comes to mind as many of her children  lived in Fulton Co., after marriage. Don't know how else to prove this...I have the dates and I guess they want the proof of her grave....the only thing keeping me from being a DAR member... My Anderson line migrated to Indiana and Cambria Counties...I grew up in that same area.. Thanks, Rochelle Lester

    11/02/2013 05:59:26