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    1. [PAERIE] Corry Leather Business During WWII
    2. Charles Bliley
    3. INTERVIEW WITH WILBUR LAMBING OF CORRY—FEBRUARY 1942 While I mentioned Wilbur's cross country letter, I overlooked the fact that the letter did not contain his story of his work for a Corry leather company during World War II. You can listen to him being interviewed by my grandfather on the eve of his departure to San Diego. It is on the same Web page I direct you to about Wilbur's letter, but I forgot to mention the interview. Here is the link to it. He tells some interesting stories. I am sorry for the oversight in the previous posting, but hope you enjoy listening to him. Chuck Charles A. Bliley 736 Bel Arbor Trail Webster, NY 14580-9400 E-Mail: Tele: 585 872-9155 Web Site:

    12/22/2017 01:21:22