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    1. [PAERIE] Another Lost Soul's Photograph & More (w/Links)
    2. Charles Bliley
    3. LOST PHOTO NEEDS A HOME As long as we are on the topic of lost photos, I have one from years ago of a young "E???ana" Wagner, a woman photographed by an Erie photographer. I would guess the vintage as the 1880s/90s. Someone gave me this photo in 2002 and I previously posted a request for ID without success. If anyone can identify her, it would make a nice Christmas present for her family and for me. :-) Here is the link to the Web page. ( 1929 FAMILY CHRISTMAS STORY My father graduated from college and headed West to seek his fortune like several of his uncles did 40 years earlier. On December 21st, 1929, he gave up his search and decided to head back to the comfort of his family in Erie. Several years ago, I discovered a letter to his father telling him of his intention to head back home in his Model T Ford and he would be there for Christmas. The letter tells of his intentions and advised dad he did not need any money. Imagine that? For those of you that are antique car enthusiasts or interested in cross country travel in 1929, you may find this letter of some interest. Click here to view the page. ( ANOTHER CROSS-COUNTRY TRAVEL STORY I recently added a letter to my cousin, Wilbur Lambing's Web page. ( It may be of interest to those from Corry and would like to know a bit about its leather business in the 1930s, or about cross-country travel from Corry to San Diego, California in 1942. Wilbur is an interesting character and has a "great time", as he so often describes it. It is a bit long, but unrelated people who have read it, found it interesting for numerous reasons. If nothing else insight to genealogical surprises and life and travel during the war. That is it. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and the endurance to shovel out the driveway. I have read Erie has had its fair share of snow so far this year as reported on the Web. ( Erie is now number one in the nation for snowfall! We will soon be chasing your record here in Rochester, NY. Good luck in the contest. ;-) Thanks, Chuck Charles A. Bliley 736 Bel Arbor Trail Webster, NY 14580-9400 E-Mail: Tele: 585 872-9155 Web Site:

    12/21/2017 11:27:30