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    1. [ORKNEY] FW: A real Witch Hunt
    2. Ken Harrison
    3. A recent issue of the Lanarkshire FHS included an item stating: Map of Scots Women Accused of Witchcraft - published for First Time. If you have one of these ladies in your family tree, you have an "interesting" family history! A map that tracks more than 3,000 Scots women who were accused of being witches in 16th and 17th Century has been published. The interactive document has been created by data experts at Edinburgh University. It builds on the university's breakthrough work on the Scottish Witchcraft Survey which brought to life the persecution of women during the period, with many burned at the stake or drowned. The web site allows users to move through a map of Scotland to see where the accused witches lived as well as the towns and villages where they were detained, punished and executed. You can read more at while the map is available at: I thought this looked like a bit of (macabre) fun so I poured myself a wee dram and clicked the link. I found a few women on the map around Carstairs and Carluke and Lesmahagow whose names I recognized from reading the parish registers from the early 1600s, but no-one "close" to me. And nothing for my lot in Islay or Wick. So I started looking around Orkney and, Bingo! There is my 9th great-grandmother, Marjorie Paplay in Kirkwall. My transcription of the information is: Case details The accused: Paplay, Marjorie Start date: 3/11/1642 End date: 2/8/1648 Characterisation: Implicated by another witch; Not enough information Notes on characterisation: The accusations about Paplay come from the questioning of another suspect (Barbara Boundie). No details seem to have come from Paplay herself and her son denied all the charges. Bowndie then claimed that she had been encouraged to name other 'honest' women in return for her own life. Trials associated with this case: Paplay,Marjorie Local trial Paplay,Marjorie Mentioned in a trial References: Orkney Presbytery Records CH2/1082/1, p 204-5, 207-8, 254, 286, 289-90, 322-3. Personal Details First Name Marjorie; Last Name Paplay; Sex Female; Age 50 (estimated from children) Place of residence - parish Kirkwall & St Ola; presbytery Kirkwal; county Orkney Notes Age estimated as 50+ as she had an adult son who tried to complain about his mother's treatment and accusations. He brought several complaints against the sheriff-depute and the presbytery so seems to have been quite well educated. Accused's family: Baikie, James; Son The information above confirms that which I have accumulated over the past several decades, and adds a bit. I did not know that she had been tried as a witch. I had found no documented proof of her later than 1611, so now I know that she lived at least another 37 years and probably longer (since she was not found guilty). And I have a better estimate now of her birth year, although her son was very generous in calling her "50+". I know that she had to have been at least 70 (since her son, James, was himself age 52 in 1642 when the case started). This James, by the way, was the first Laird of Tankerness. Have a look - you never know what you may learn. Never leave a stone unturned ... Ken Harrison North Vancouver, Canada

    11/10/2019 10:49:52