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    1. [ORKNEY] Re: LDS digitized films to view at home or at FHC
    2. David Armstrong
    3. G’day Meg You just need to use the microfilm catalogue in exactly the same way as you did in the past when you wanted to order a microfilm If the film has NOT been digitised, then you’ll still see the “microfilm reel” symbol opposite the microfilm number, as in these Orcadian Court records. < > On the other hand, if they’ve been digitised but need to be viewed in an LDS library, they’ll have a “camera” symbol surmounted by a “key” symbol opposite the film no, e.g. the Stromness OPR. < > or the Civil Registration registers and indexes < > And if they’ve been digitised without viewing restrictions, i.e. you can view them at home, the “camera” will not have the “key” key above it, such as these probate records from Wentworth County, Ontario. < > It should be remembered that the Orkney OPR were extracted long ago and included in the IGI. However, the old IGI index is NOT linked to the newly digitised microfilm. Therefore in circumstances like this, I find it useful to operate with two windows open – the IGI search page in one, and the digitised film in the other. A “Magnifying Glass” symbol opposite the film number indicates that the film has been indexed previously for the IGI component of Family Search. In regard to the Irish Civil Registration records, you should use this free site which has the digitised records available (and more than are on Family Search). < > Happy Hunting David Armstrong Maylands Western Australia From: mailto:[email protected] Sent: Wednesday, May 02, 2018 9:28 AM To: David Armstrong Subject: LDS digitized films to view at home or at FHC David - our FHC cannot tell me [yet] WHAT topics have been digitized. Its a pure guessing game. You must enter a county name, look at the massive list of counties or states that comes up, select one, look at all the sub categories, keep selecting til you are down to ONE ITEM. Then it says if its digitized, you can view it here or it says you may find another facility with that film. The 'other facility' is not going to send the film to me, I'd have to go there and view the film. There seems to be no way to have a list of what's been digitized for Scotland or Ireland or Pooh's ten acre woods. How did you find the Scottish BMD registers were filmed ? I haven't seen them at all at the FHC here in Bville. Are the INDEXes filmed as well as the Registers [Ireland has both Indexes and Registrations digitized but many more years of the actual Registrations are missing than the INDEXes. I think it was 1855-75 plus 1881 and 1891 for actual handwritten Registrations but haven't found the BMDs available even after I log in with my LDS account. Ideas on how to find digitized records welcomed ! Meg ========================================================= On 5/1/2018 6:33 PM, David Armstrong wrote: G’day Meg and everyone May I remind members of the List that since the LDS stopped circulating microfilms, the pariah registers and census records for Orkney (and the rest of Scotland) have been digitised and are available on the PCs in your local LDS library (i.e. no more waiting for a microfilm to be delivered!) (Where the LDS has the appropriate agreement with the owner of the records, the digitised films can be viewed on your home PC). Regards David Armstrong Maylands Western Australia Virus-free. --- This email has been checked for viruses by Avast antivirus software.

    05/02/2018 03:50:25