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    1. [ORKNEY] OH MY DNA results
    2. Dennice
    3. Revealed I am of the temperament of a Scot and, genetically, have a total of known 5 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers. I have “three parents” one of whom told me he had no reason to think otherwise is on my certificate of birth as my father. My mother is a proven via DNA and records including images were one to take three generations at about 5-years-of-age or less to B&W there’s no way to discern whether myself, my mother or my daughter. DNA results have proven without a doubt that had I been given my biological father’s surname at birth my name would be Dennice Hill (originating, positively in Scotland - as yet unsure as to where). My “paper-trail” father chose to withhold that information from me even onto death. Although, once I had permission to publicly speak from my paper-trail-sister as to the quandary her and my results showed as well as over 2 years of attempting to figure out which one of us was or wasn’t........ Asking the right questions in the right places opened the door to a floodgate of information I’ve not yet been able to process completely. Finding my father was oh so bittersweet in that he was in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. His eldest legal daughter had power of attorney and would not allow me to lay eyes on him. I was given enough information to know to have my adult sons have a PAS done as bio-father had ignored signs of prostate cancer too long. I’ll not go into details of what that entailed. For health reasons would be one of the best reasons to do DNA even if the paper trail seems carved in stone. OH.. seems I resemble BOTH my parents and while images do not bear resemblances with my siblings, apparently, when I am speaking or making gestures during same I resemble a half-sister in a rather uncanny way. [I was struck dumb on video conferencing with her one afternoon —- like seeing myself 20 years ago, as a blond].

    04/23/2018 10:31:35