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    1. Re: ORDER-OF-THE-EASTERN-STAR-D Digest V04 #4
    2. In a message dated 11/14/04 11:00:47 PM Eastern Standard Time, [email protected] writes: > AGNES LEKNES > > My mother-in-law, Agnes Leknes, resided in Brooklyn, NY from 1918 to 1949 > and > was a member of the Eastern Star, but I don't know the number of the Lodge > or > when she joined. She died in CT, but continued her membership in the same > Brooklyn lodge. > > Would it be possible > for me to find this information? Libby Le You might try contacting the OES Grand Chapter of New York. They may have records. Is the Chapter she belonged to still in existance? If it is, the membership records may be preserved there. Did she have an OES Bible? It may be printed inside.

    11/14/2004 04:05:03