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    1. [ORCROOK] Help to assist you in your genealogy research
    2. Bony, Jan
    3. The lists have been a little slow, so I thought I would throw out some help aids. Be brave and use the list, you never know who might be able to help Did you know about Set up a free account with them and you can research millions of records. They even tell you if the document you want is free on their site, or with a pay site. Great place to research. Do you know about Heritage Quest? You can get access for free from your home with your library card. You can get census access from them. Ask your library for more information. Everyone knows about and know it costs $$ - however did you know that most libraries have it on their public computers for free ~ that's right, all you need is a library card to access. There is also cemetery help that is free: There is also free help at a very strange spot called LinkedIn. Most people know this is a great spot for looking for work, but it also has great boards for genealogy. Set up your free account today! Hope this helps you dig for your roots Jan ~ Your friendly list administrator

    02/24/2013 09:34:27