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    1. [ORCROOK] Fwd: [IAGEN] Grave Markers for Civil War Veterans
    2. I just took this off another list, I thought it was worthwhile to pass on, to be passed on :-) Jan ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Steve Williams via <[email protected]> Date: Thu, Oct 30, 2014 at 2:08 PM Subject: Re: [IAGEN] Grave Markers for Civil War Veterans To: [email protected] It seems there has been a law in place since 2009 that restricts the ordering of veteran grave markers only to proven family members. I talked to a local historian who has ordered somewhere approaching 100 grave markers for local civil war vets that no longer had markers or known living family members. He had to persist a few times, but was always successful. So, thankfully there is a loophole this fellow knows how to exploit! A person shouldn't have to. A proposal is being made to change that silly law. It is currently open for comment for a short time. If you'd like to view the proposal and submit comments in support of the proposal, go to, type CFR 38.632 into the search box and click on the first result at the top of the page. On the Proposal (A095) you can click on "Comment Now" at the top-right. Steve From: Pat ... Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 7:33 PM To: Undisclosed-recipients: Subject: Grave Markers for Civil War Veterans This is from SAPIC member, Herb Price in Des Moines County. It sounds as if everyone should write comments to the Federal Register about the fact that an applicant for a grave marker for a veteran has to prove to be a family member. That is impossible for many veterans of past wars. An official preservation group should be able to order grave markers. Thanks to Herb Price for inquiring about this matter and to Congressman Loebsack for responding. The email below came from Congressman Loebsack's office. This is what is happening regarding the ordering of grave markers for veterans by non-relatives. I plan on leaving a lengthy comment. Herb Price ----- Forwarded Message ----- From: "Stratton, Virginia" <[email protected]> To: .... Sent: Monday, October 27, 2014 3:51 PM Subject: RE: Grave Markers for Civil War Veterans I just spoke to Gina White @ D.C. Dept Veterans' Affairs for Headstones and Grave Markers Department She said in 2009 a law was passed that said only family members could continue to request these grave identifiers However, since then, there have been so many complaints that October 1st of this year, a proposal was placed in the Federal Register (CFR 38.632) that is opened for public comments to change the regulation- RIN # 29-AO95; it is opened for comments for only 60 days to strike this regulation. See web site <> - national cemetaries. It will take a few months after the closing before they will start taking applications again. I suggest everyone who is involved in the Pioneer Cemetaries (sic) make a comment. There will not be notifications sent, people will have to be responsible to keep check when applications will be approved again. Mr. Price Do you have the names and counties of Iowa's Pioneer Cemeteries ? ---------------------------------------- Your support makes IAGenWeb possible. ~Visit The Friends of IAGenWeb today~ ------------------------------- To unsubscribe from the list, please send an email to [email protected] with the word 'unsubscribe' without the quotes in the subject and the body of the message

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