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    1. [ORCROOK] Bad links in last email...
    2. Bony, Jan
    3. Sorry folks, just trying to do to much at one time... Here is the message again with the corrected links. Please read the following very carefully! I have made notes (done inside {}) on some important aspects of the NEW mailing lists - Also, the archives may or may not be back, they are having to restore millions of records in the archives... To post to this list, send your email to: [email protected] To see past posts to this list visit ORCROOK archives:[email protected]/ You can unsubscribe by emailing the following with unsusbscribe in the subject and body: [email protected] If you have not signed up for an account to manage your subscriptions, visit our Sign Up page: {If you are only subscribed to one or 2 lists, you do NOT need to do this part, but if you are like me, and subscribe to lots of lists, this is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as it is a quick way to change your email, one place to remove yourself from lists, etc.} You can view all of your lists on your Subscription Page: If you need to recover your password, visit our Login Page: Please reply to this message to help restart our archives & to refresh everyone's memory on who you are researching. Also, if you reply to a message, please remember to delete the footer of the previous message! If you get a good bunch of people respinding, it is hard to follow with excess footers... Jan - List Mom

    04/21/2018 03:49:53