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    1. [OK-CITY-DIRECTORIES] New Mail List System
    2. Dittmar, Frederick M.
    3. RootsWeb is in the process of switching over to new upgraded list management software. This list has been switched. For list subscribers, the changeover should be smooth. The changes primarily involve the administration tools that keep the list running behind the scenes. The list name is changing from LISTNAME-L to just LISTNAME. So you may subscribe or unsub by sending your request to: [email protected] with one exception. If you wish to subscribe in Digest mode you must send your subscribe request to [email protected] . You may also continue sending your requests as you always have--either will work. The word SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE must be included in the subject and may also be included in the message body. Digest subscribers will notice some changes to the list digests. New instructions will be added to the digests -- please read them. In addition, the digest volume and issue number may be different (out of sequence) from what you had been receiving. If your digests arrive in a different format than you are used to and you would like it changed, contact me privately at the list admin address: [email protected] Also, if you run into any unusual or confusing occurrences with mail from this list that could possibly be related to the changeover, let me know. If you use email headers to filter list mail to a special folder in your email program you may need to check whether your filters will need tweaking under the new system. If you previously subscribed to the list in both L and D modes using the same email address you will find that you are no longer subbed in Digest mode. The new software doesn't permit the same address to be subbed in both L and D modes. Therefore, if you wish to receive both modes, you will need to subscribe to the digests using a different email address. Please continue to send your queries, data, and responses to the list as usual. It is a great time to post a new query to try to break down those brick walls. Thanks! Written by Joan Young and used with her permission. Fred - Administrator Frederick M. Dittmar, Diggin' Deep Genealogy Research Service PO Box 2601 Norman, Oklahoma¬† 73026 ¬† Member: Association of Professional Genealogy Mail List Administrator: 65 Mail Lists 2 Message Board - County Coordinator - Beckham County Oklahoma Web Page ¬† Board Member & Genealogical Assistant Oklahoma Genealogy Society 22 Ghost Town mail lists.

    09/07/2006 09:41:00