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    1. [OK-CITY-DIRECTORIES] OKGENWEB Chat room - Come dance with us
    2. Dittmar, Frederick M.
    3. Having problems? Up against a brick wall? Don't know which direction to go now? Need a suggestion or some assistance? Come join us on Saturday night and let's see is we can help. This is where some County Coordinators meet and chat. Some times the weather, our aches and pains and we have even been know to talk genealogy and do lookups for others. >>>>>>>> OKGenWeb Chat <<<<<<<< ......... Mark your calendars........ WHEN: Every Saturday at 9pm-10pm Oklahoma time Or IRC at /join #okgenweb Frederick M. Dittmar Diggin' Deep Genealogy Research Service PO Box 2601 Norman, Oklahoma 73070 Member: Association of Professional Genealogy - Board Member - Oklahoma Genealogical Society - Board Member - OKOLHA -

    05/25/2007 04:48:20