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    1. [OK-CITY-DIRECTORIES] Lists for adoption 3
    2. Do to the fact that I have some dead mail list (not active since 2012 and before) and my lack of time to try to arouse them I am putting them up for adoption. I am writing to the lists BCC first so subscriber will have first choice to all the lists. If you are interested in adopting any please contact me at: [email protected] I will on the first of November turn any that have not been spoken for over to RW to be placed on the adoption list. Below is the list of mail lists: AHTA AR-GHOSTTOWNS BURNES CAN-AB-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-BE-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-MB-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-NB-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-NF-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-NT-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-NU-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-PEI-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-QC-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-SK-GHOSTTOWNS CAN-YT-GHOSTTOWNS CANADIAN-TRAIN-DISASTERS ITCHOCTA ITCHREEKN LA-CEMETERIES MA-GHOSTTOWNS ME-GHOSTTOWNS MERCHANT-MARINE NA-CHEROKEE-OKLAHOMA NEW-ENGLAND-RAILROAD NH-GHOSTTOWNS OK-101RANCH OK-CITY-DIRECTORIES OK-CSCPA OK-GEN-SOC for all Gen Societies in Oklahoma OK-LANDRUNS OK-LAWMEN-OUTLAWS OK-MIGRATION OK-MYSTERIES OK-RECORDS RI-GHOSTTOWNS RYDER TX-COTTON TX-FREEDMEN TX-HISTORY TX-MERCERCOL TX-MYSTERIES TX-SHARECROP TX-VETERANS TX-VINTAGEPHOTOS TXCASS TXCASS-CCGS TXCASTRO TXGRAYSO TXKLEBER TXLUBBOC TXTERRY VT-GHOSTTOWNS

    10/17/2015 11:12:00