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    1. [OK-CITY-DIRECTORIES] Oklahoma Chat Room - Saturday
    2. Dittmar, Frederick M.
    3. OKLAHOMA GENEALOGY AND RESEARCHERS CHAT ROOM > We are an Oklahoma genealogy question and helpful answer chat room, open to the general public with Oklahoma genealogical brick walls. Have one? Maybe someone can see the question with different eyes and guide you in the correct direction or even find an answer for you. Or you can help someone else with answers from your experience in researching the different Oklahoma county your family lived in. Maybe you know of a link, an address, a repository or county genealogy society etc., which helped you that you can pass on. Nothing to sign up for, no cost, no overloads of e-mails, come and go as you please for an hour or so on Saturday night. Normal chat times are 9:00 P.M. - 10 P.M. Central time every Saturday night. I think it was about 10:30 when it wound down. Come join us next Saturday night. All are welcomed. There's a java applet at : <<>> Drops you right into the room without any fuss or bother. You might need to go to and right below the big red button that says "Free Java Download" there's a tag that reads "Do I Have Java?". If you click on that tag it will test your computer to make sure you have the latest and greatest version. It's perfectly safe so no worries. [ If you don't have a good office suite of programs you might want to look into Open Office while your hanging out around there. - standard disclaimers apply ] Or if you have an IRC client you can go to and enter the OKgenWeb chat room. You may have to do a "/list" command to find the room in your IRC client.

    08/27/2010 06:33:27