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    1. [OHMonroe] Winland Book - "Now We Are Americans" by Martha Winland Price
    2. Rick Wilson via
    3. Does anyone have a copy of the following book they would like to sell (or perform a look up)? "Now We Are Americans" by Martha Winland Price, published 1996. I am interested in knowing all the types of records accessed or cited by the author for the Winlands while they lived in Nippenose Township, Lycoming, Pennsylvania. Specifically, I am interested in any documents that might list children either by name or count other than family trees. I understand that many trees list six children (Jacob, Catherine Maria, William, John, Susannah, and Sarah), but I am fairly confident that there was at least one more girl that remains unaccounted for because she and her husband did not move to Monroe County, Ohio and thus were not on my early researcher's radar. Thanks, Rick Wilson

    05/25/2016 03:08:35