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    1. [OHIO-RIVER-VALLEY-FAMILIES] ohio river valley migration patterns + research methods? (targeting Jones)
    2. Zak Jones via
    3. Hello, I'm looking to learn more about some of my ancestors that traveled from different Eastern states to Missouri and Iowa. For example, I have sources that suggest my paternal line ("Jones", and specifically, Jesse Jones b.1795 in PA) travelled around the 1830's or early 1840's from Pennsylvania to Missouri with his family. Oddly I can't find any information for them prior to their final destinations. Reading this page: [] I can see a logical progression of river routes that my ancestors could have travelled and it seems to make sense given the years involved. I'm wondering how long this route might have taken logistically? What were the means of transportation in these years? What were the logical stopping points? What were the perils involved? What sort of planning was required? What alternate routes were there for migration? And most importantly, what resources might be available to research specific people using these migration patterns? In case it helps, here's my profile for Jesse Jones: Anyone? ZJ

    01/23/2015 05:24:45