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    1. Re: [NYTIOGA] NYTIOGA Digest, Vol 12, Issue 7
    2. J Hansen
    3. Hello Michael, I assume you’ve seen Martin's listing on Find A Grave at It gives the name of the cemetery as Saint James Cemetery in Waverly. There is a picture of the stone. The year of death was not filled in, however. It could be the cemetery is connected to St. James Church, also in Waverly. I googled and found information, including a phone number, for the parish at The parish website is at - it looks like it is part of a merged parish of 4 churches. There is a list of the clergy with their email addresses at If nothing else, they may at least be able to answer your questions about the cemetery or tell you who could. I don’t live in the area, I just found this by looking him up on Find A Grave and googling the cemetery and following the path. I hope this helps. Good luck. Juliann Date: Wed, 29 Nov 2017 08:14:28 -0500 From: To:,, Subject: Re: [NYTIOGA] looking for ancestors in the US I now live away from the Tioga Co. area of NY in NC. There are some serious genealogists subscribed to the Tioga Co mailing list who may be able to help you living in that area. I will forward you request to the mailing list so they have the option to respond to you. Ernest Miles In a message dated 11/29/2017 7:41:56 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, writes: Dear Ms. Miles ! I found your informative homepage. I am from Austria and I am looking for ancestors in the US. I found out that my grand-grand father is buried in Waverly. His name is Martin Knotz, he died 1978. I didn?t find an email address of the cemetery. I want to find out who takes care and pays for the grave. Maybe I can find children of him. Could you give me a contact who I can ask for that ? Thank you. Best regards Michael Forman

    11/30/2017 07:05:15