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    3. ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Arlene Niemeyer <[email protected]> Date: Thu, Nov 12, 2015 at 11:19 AM Subject: Timothy Stowell To: [email protected] Good Morning Timothy, It seems to me that several years ago we met. I believe we share Stowell ancestry. I believe I connected to you in the past because you left a note on at Blodgett Mills Cemetery where Archelaus & Olive Bugbee Stowell are bu. First I’ll explain that Renee Gibson, a lady who lives in SC, I helped find documentation for her DAR Application told me I should connect to your web site. I have proven 6 Revolutionary Ancestors, with several others in the wings. My Stowell lineage takes me to Archelaus Stowell b 04 APR 1764 Wyndham Co CT d 27 JUL 1851 at Virgil Cortland Co CT and his wife Olive Bugbee b 31 OCT Mansfield Tolland Co CT d 15 MAR 1838 Blodgett Mills both bu Forest Hill Cem Blodgett Mills Cortland Co NY. It was interesting to see your name attached to the Central NY Roots Web and all the work you are doing to attempt to preserve as much of our history as possible. My expertise is writing DAR Applications; have done over 70. This venture takes me to many “nooks and crannies”. I still need to explore my Stowell heritage a bit more although I do know the Ancestors back to when they came to America. It would be interesting to explore Archelaus a bit more to see if he did perform something to contribute to the American Revolution. His father, Jonathan, died in the year 1776 as the Revolution was in beginning stages. I’ve always wondered if his death was due to his contribution to the American Revolution. The Stowell lineage connected me to Hannah Parker who married Charles Legrand Edwards. Therefore I have been trying to find the parents of Hannah without success. However in the past year I have discovered that we have direct lineage to William Bradford, therefore am eligible for Mayflower Society. I hope to complete that Application this coming winter season. It is interesting to be able to once again connect with you. It is wonderful that you have continued your interest in history all these years. I also believe I have met Betsy Gorman in the past, but am trying to remember how I know her name. Arlene Mae Fleenor (Walton) Niemeyer, Registrar Tuscarora Chapter NSDAR Binghamton NY

    11/13/2015 04:09:06