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    1. [NY-CEMETERIES] St. Mary's Cemetery, Troy, NY - Book 2
    2. Bill & Cathy McGrath
    3. ANNOUNCING NEW DATABASE BOOK 2 - INTERMENT INDEX ST. MARY'S CEMETERY, TROY NEW YORK INTERMENT YEARS - May 1910- December 1918 A. Book 2, part of a multi-volume set of Interment Records at St. Mary's Cemetery, Troy, NY, which includes 3,434 names, has now been added to the Troy Irish Genealogy website. You can view these interment records by going to the Troy Irish Genealogy website at: click on TIGS PROJECTS and then click on ST. MARY'S CEMETERY, TROY, NY - INTERMENT RECORDS. B. This new data series of interment records list an individuals name, date of death and age at death. In a large number of records, the age is reported in years, months and days. Some entries without a date of death, are re-interments to or from another cemetery. It should be noted that these records, like most of the TIGS data series, cover the general population in the area and are NOT restricted to Irish surnames. C. Researchers having relatives with a CAPITAL DISTRICT area connection, will be interested in these on-line, name searchable, records of names of individuals who were interred in St. Mary's Cemetery in Troy, NY. If you live in a nearby county or even further away, you might want to check out these names. Take a look at the data base, you never know what you will find. D. The TIGS website has a PRINTABLE FORM that can be used to request more information from the Albany Diocesan Cemeteries. Mailing instructions and fees (only $5.00) are on the request form. Additional items that may be available from the full interment record may include: 1. LATE RESIDENCE: While many of the records in Book 2 show only the name of the city as the late residence, 1,418 of the records will show a house number and a Troy street address. 2. INTERMENT DATE: The date of interment in St. Mary's Cemetery may be another clue which will be helpful to genealogy and family researchers. 3. SECTION/LOT#: The section and lot number may be another clue which will be helpful to genealogy and family researchers. 4. UNDERTAKER: The name of the undertaker may be another clue which will be helpful to genealogy and family researchers. E. There are now 11,897 interment records in the three Books of St. Mary's Cemetery records now on-line on the TIGS website. Book 4 of St. Mary's interments records is now being transcribed by the volunteer transcribers working on this project. Hopefully you will find some of your ancestors listed in these interment records or in the various other data series on the Troy Irish Genealogy website. Other recent additions to the TIGS website were the Nail Factory Cemetery in Troy, New York and the addition of two more churches to the Church Memorials and Family Names data base; St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Watervliet, New York and St. John's Episcopal Church in Troy, New York. These records will be found under the PROJECTS section of the website. Regards, Bill McGrath TIGS Project Coordinator Clifton Park, NY --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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