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    2. Hi Fred, This site has a detailed description on the history of Union Cemetery: And, the site for Cedar Grove (where Union was re-interred): There is an interment search at the above site, but it appears that it does not cover the 1850's. Perhaps try contacting Cedar Grove directly. Cedar Grove Mailing Address PO Box 228 Flushing, NY 11352 (718) 939-2041 Regards, Sherri The husband of my great great aunt, John Borst, kept many personal notes in a small day book.  Included on a page of deaths of family members were the following entries about two of their children: Union Cemeterie in New York Rest Maria Amalia Borst born 25 Febr 1853 in Germanie died, 20 Sept, 1856, Henrich Borst, born 1 May 1856  died 7 Sept, 1857 in New York.  I do not know where this Union Cemetery is located.  The family arrived in New York on October 15, 1853, on the ship, "Orphan" which had sailed from Bremerhaven.  The earliest record of their being in Springfield, Louisiana, is February 15, 1858.  Another note indicated that the family had relatives in New York City.   Any help in locating records for this cemetery would be appreciated. Fred Kopfler Folsom, Louisiana

    03/10/2014 01:47:30