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    1. [NY-CEMETERIES] Remember the military in cemeteries
    2. W David Samuelsen
    3. There are many war and service veterans buried throughout New York. Come and visit New York Gravemarker Photo Project To narrow to these photo entries. There are at least 3054 records 1. On home page, click "Search" 2. all counties or select specific county 3. Last Name, change from "Start with" to "Contains" 4. enter specific military designation with () included. RW - Revolutionary War 1812 - War of 1812 (be mindful it is 200 years anniversary) Mex - Mexican CW - Civil War SA - Spanish-American War IW - Indian Wars WWI - World War I WWII - World War II KOR - Korea VN = Vietnam Iraq AFG = Afghanistan

    05/27/2012 04:58:54