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    1. Re: [NOR-OBIT] Obituaries of Schoning Family
    2. Margit
    3. Dorothy, I would suggest you join the Illinois Norwegian mail list, as this list is for posting obituaries of people who came from Norway to America as it says on the site. <> NORWEGIAN-OBITUARIES-L lists2 Topic: A mailing list for the posting of obituaries of Norwegian immigrants that came to America. Obituary lookups are not addressed by the list at this time though this may be added in the future. Margit List Admin On Nov 20, 2006, at 9:08 PM, geemadee wrote: > Margit-- > Thanks for your reply. I've not had any luck looking in Cook County, > IL > norwegian-obituaries@rootsweb so far. All Schonings listed were too > early, > and none shown after 1950. Do you have a recommended way of looking at > obits/deaths after 1950 on the web? > > Thanks again for your help. > > Also, I suppose there was a slash through the "o" (Schoning), which > could > have translated into "Schoening" in English. Any thoughts about that?

    11/20/2006 02:31:18