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    1. [NORTHEY] Update on Rootsweb mailing lists
    2. Dave Naylor
    3. Hello folks, now has all Rootsweb mailing lists running again, and messages are being processed with the latest Mailman-3 software. This upgrade to Mailman-3 has introduced some minor changes to the way things previously worked. The biggest change being that subscribers are now in control of how their messages are sent to them. has selected defaults for handling mailing list messages to meet the needs of the majority of subscribers. These are: 1. Message delivery is enabled. It can be disabled for vacation periods, etc. 2. Each message is received separately. You can select to receive Digests that combine messages. 3. You will get copies of messages you send. This can be turned off. 4. You will not receive an acknowledgement of your own postings. This can be turned on. 5. Your email address will be visible to the list administrator and moderator. It can be hidden. 6. You will only receive one copy of multiple-addressed messages. This can be turned off. If the above defaults are acceptable to you and you have no need to see records of your activity then there is no need for further action on your part. However, if you want to change any default for one or more of the lists to which you subscribe you must create a Rootsweb user-ID and password. Note: if you already have an Ancestry ID then it is advisable to use this same ID/password for your Rootsweb use. With a Rootsweb user-ID you can set up your own "global" defaults that will apply to all lists to which you are subscribed. You can also set different "global" defaults for your different email addresses. Lastly you can set one or more lists to use settings that differ from your defaults. Furthermore, with a Rootsweb user-ID you can also view records of your list activity. As you can no doubt appreciate this amount of flexibility can get quite confusing! If you wish to proceed with setting up your own Rootsweb user-ID: 1. Create a user-ID and/or login at <> 2. After logging-in you will see your user-ID on the right side of the page. Click on it and select "Account". 3. Fill in your "First name" and "Last name". Do *not* attempt to change the time zone as it is fixed for Rootsweb´s servers. 4. Under "Other emails" add all email addresses used at Ancestry and Rootsweb. Each address will need to be verified separately. This should link all your subscribed mailing lists to your new user-ID. 5. Click on the "E-mail Addresses" tab and select which email address should be your primary one - usually the one used the most for your list subscriptions. 6. Return to your user-ID on the right side of the page and click on "Mailman settings". You should now see a list of all the mailing lists to which you are subscribed, a moderator, or a list owner. Finally... to send a message to a mailing list, address it to [listname] where "listname" is the name of the mailing list in lower-case. If you wish to contact me, the list administrator, send an email to <> Cheers! -- Dave

    04/09/2018 12:33:17