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    3. ------- Forwarded message follows ------- 5 Nov 1858 LETTER TO THE EDITOR THE GRAVES IN ST. COLUMB MAJOR CHURCHYARD Sir - As an old inhabitant of Saint Columb, I am, of course, interested in that spot in our parish in which are deposited the remains of our departed fathers, and in common with every well-disposed person in this parish, I desire to see that spot kept sacred and free from the intrusions of the wicked and the idle; and I admit that this very desirable object is one of sufficient importance to induce our Rev. Curate to suggest some means by which any unbecoming or indecent use of the churchyard may be prevented. But as the rev. gentleman and Mr. F. DAVIS, the master of the Church school, are utter strangers here, I do not expect that either of them can have that peculiar interest in our burial ground which attaches itself to those who regard that place as containing the remains of deceased relatives; and so I can only account for the sweeping measure which our Curate has entered upon, without first consulting the inclinations of the parishioners, and even, as I believe, in opposition to one of our churchwardens. . I am moreover surprised that Mr. F. Davis, who has only been in this town a few weeks, and thus can know nothing of the people here, should take upon himself to style and designate in so uncharitable a manner the persons of the town and parish, who formed the meeting to take into consideration the very extraordinary doings which were taking place in the churchyard. . In the face of his statements contained in the Cornwall Gazette, of the 29th ultimo," I say extraordinary doings; and if I am surprised of his illiberal attack upon our meeting, I must add that it is with pain I find him misrepresenting the consequences of the reckless three feet diggings in the graveyard. In support of this, my assertion, it so happens that an adjourned meeting of the parishioners was held on Tuesday, the 26th ult., for the purpose of further considering the subject, and large and respectable as that meeting was, consisting of both Churchmen and Dissenters, it was resolved by an overwhelming majority oethat this meeting has witnessed with regret the proceedings of the Curate in the churchyard, and requests he will at once restore it to its former condition." . Mr. Davis affirms that only eight boxes containing still-born children had been interfered with; but Mr. JAMES BENNY, a respectable and credible person of this town, has declared that he had seen at least one comparatively large coffin exposed to view at an early hour of the day, and, upon a subsequent visit, he found that it had been dislodged and removed; and I know that several other persons have witnessed this and similar exposures. . Mr. Davis, unkindly enough, refers to some persons who had seen in the churchyard some bones which had been recently exhumed, by observing that they could not decide whether one bone was a "rib, a finger, or a bull´s foot." His last expression unfortunately suggests to me that at any rate he has a strong respect for a papal bull, for only a few weeks since, by his taste, an extraordinary scene presented itself in our streets in the fact, amongst other odd things, that a decorated cross was carried before the coffin of his late wife in the funeral procession; the rev. Curate taking part in such procession. . I am sorry if it pains him that I notice this; I do it not to convey the idea that he is the subject of religious frenzy, but merely to show to the public the tone of religious feeling which is possessed by their informant of last week; and I must say upon the subject of his affirmation that "our Curates only follow Puseyism by strictly adhering to the Book of Common Prayer, that I do not find any order in that Book imposing a ceremony of the description referred to, in the burial service. . I find, however, that he is the Master of our Church school, selected by the Curate of this parish; and having shown what are his notions, I merely say of our rev. Curate, "noscitur ex soelis;" of if the Spanish proverb is as agreeable to him as is the Spanish religion, then I say, "Tell me what company a man keeps, and then I will tell him who and what he is.  But let us put aside proverbs, and come to the reasonable suggestion that the people of St. Columb do not exactly appreciate the undertaking of strangers in their astounding innovations. Mr. Davis and our Curate may mean no harm in their grave-destroying tastes. We have a congenial interest in our churchyard, and accordingly, as strangers are in the act of razing this sacred spot, we cry out with the frogs in the fable, oeall this may be pleasing enough to you, but in mercy desist, for you give us pain; and a pain which is intolerable under the domination of book, bell, and candle. . I am, your obedient servant, W.H. NORTHY St. Columb, Nov. 1st, 1858 ------------------------------------------------------- Julia Mosman, West Briton Transcriptions, 1836-1856 at St. Austell Area History and Genealogy at ------- End of forwarded message ------- -- David Naylor, Halton Hills, Ontario, Canada. ---

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